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Funny (But Old) BlackBerry Addiction Video

[metacafe][/metacafe] Just came across this video in MetaCafe. It’s dated April 25, 2006 but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It doesn’t really matter how old this video is…

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Seinfeld dissing BlackBerry and iPhones

[youtube][/youtube] Most of us are guilty of these things. In this video, Jerry Seinfeld discusses the habits of BlackBerry users with Conan O’Brien. You can’t help but laugh out loud…

Just4Fun & Humor / by Mauricio -

Cool ad where BlackBerry takes out Apple

[youtube][/youtube] *UPDATE* It seems like Guava restricted access to the original source of the ad even though it’s all over the Internet already 😉 . This ad is pretty cool,…

Just4Fun & Humor / by Mauricio -

Super funny Verizon commercial!

[youtube][/youtube] BGR posted a hilarious video where the Verizon network sneaks up to and follows an unsuspecting customer. The reaction from the guy they follow is hilarious! You have to…