BlackBerry Bridge: Browse The Internet, Access BlackBerry Smartphone Media Card Files, Email, Calendars & More!

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We’ve heard of BlackBerry Bridge a few times and now that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet launch is around the corner, those of you with BlackBerry smartphones who get the PlayBook will be able to take advantage of special functionality. As you saw in the unboxing video and soon a bootup and initial setup video, I do have a PlayBook. Although the option to set up BlackBerry Bridge is available, once I scanned the barcode it provides it took me to its App World page where I found out I couldn’t use it yet. The description does say it will be available the day the PlayBook launches, though:

BlackBerry Bridge, you can connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your BlackBerry smartphone to access email, calendars, and more. From your tablet, you can connect to files stored on a media card and browse the Internet using your wireless connection.  If your smartphone uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and Intranet browsing is enabled by your IT administrator, you can also browse your organization’s intranet.

This application is not available right now – the availability will match the launch of BlackBerry Playbook.

So that’s it until it’s officially available and once it is, you can expect a full video showing how to set it up and what it can do. For now check out the BlackBerry Bridge archives and stay tuned for more!