Magic4Square Offers Automated Check-in Support for Foursquare

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Foursquare is a pretty unique social network that specializes directly in locations and events. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before, but just in case you haven’t- it’s entirely based on location check-ins at local businesses, places and events. If you’ve ever checked-in to a place on Facebook before, then it’s nearly the same thing.

It’s more than just that though, it’s partially a game and a curator for potential outings all in one. You can earn badges and points for checking-in to various places, and you can even become the mayor of your town- if you go out enough that is. Not to mention, Foursquare recommends a lot of great places to visit based on your history. You could use it to discover a lot of great restaurant, sightseeing locations and more.

It’s a shame though, that Foursquare is not integrated into the OS like Twitter or Facebook. It would be much more convenient to check-in that way. Magic4Square is a unique application that is designed to make checking-in to your favorite spots a lot faster. More specifically, it automates the process entirely.

In the free version of the app you can store up to four of your favorite locations. If you’re a frequent Foursquare user, then this app is certainly useful. You designate a spot on a GPS map, which coordinates with your favorite location or place to visit. Then, when you leave the house you open the app and leave it running in the background. As soon as you walk-in to the location, Magic4Square will check you in through Foursquare, and wallah! The whole process is automated so that you don’t have to worry about checking-in. It’s great for those times when you have errands to run and you can’t be bothered to whip out your Blackberry.

When you’re configuring the location, you can also setup how far away the app checks you in. For instance, in some rather large establishments GPS signal would be too poor for a check-in. So, you can configure the app so that it checks in much sooner. You can also set a time duration after which the app will check you in, like after you’ve been at a place for more than fifteen minutes.

While the free version does offer limited access, the premium version includes the following additional features:

  • store more than four check-ins
  • disable check-in messages
  • modify check-in messages
  • view your check-in history
  • import database from backup
  • export your check-in list
  • import check-in list from yourself and other people!

For it to work properly it does need to remain running as an active framework. Just keep that in mind, especially if you have a long distance to travel before you reach your favorite locations.

To unlock the premium version and gain access to the additional features mentioned above it will set you back $1.99. The application is now available in Blackberry World for BB10 devices. As always, hit up the widget below to navigate to the proper web portal.

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