Bee is a Third Party Tumblr App for Blackberry 10

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While the Blackberry app scene has expanded quite a bit, and the total number of apps for the BB10 platform continues to grow there are still a lot of official offerings missing. Luckily most of the time, you can find a suitable replacement in Blackberry World. It’s great when a third party app offers all the same functionality as the official app on other platforms.

Take Tumblr for example. There is no official Tumblr app available for Blackberry 10, but there is most certainly an alternative. The best part is that the alternate third party has been designed from the ground up natively for Blackberry 10. That’s exactly what we like to see because Blackberry includes some exclusive features you can’t find on other platforms. Android ports tend to ignore such features, and leave us desiring a bit more in the way of usability.

Bee is designed to offer the best of Tumblr to Blackberry 10 users. Most, if not all, features have been derived directly from the Tumblr social and blogging platform. Of course, some features have been left out like the community ‘ask’ support and the messages inbox. Those features are not included because of how the blogging platform itself handles them, or more specifically they are due to limitations derived from the network.

Ask and Inbox are not supported by Tumblr API.

So, what can you do with Bee? Pretty much everything else! You can post, reblog, edit existing posts, like (or love), unlike items and even perform a search based on tags. Basically, the way you use the platform has still been preserved and that’s what you’re getting with Bee. Whether you like to repost existing content or create your own, you can do just that and all from your Blackberry 10 device. It seems nearly perfect for the beautiful display on Blackberry 10 devices too, especially the Z10. I love swiping through the Tumblr feed, browsing lots of art, graphics and more.

Plus, I have a personal blog hosted on Tumblr and I can natively update it via my Blackberry 10 device thanks to this app. Before I always had to visit the web portal in my mobile browser.

As the app description says, it offers everything that the current Tumblr API supports.

Bee is a Qt based Tumblr app. BB10 version is built using native Cascades API. It supports the following features that are provided by current Tumblr public API:

Posting, Reblog, Editing posts, Like, Unlike posts, Tag search

Unfortunately, the app is not free. The price is only $1.99 however, and that’s relatively cheap considering the fact that the real Tumblr app will probably never be released for Blackberry 10. It is available for any and all Blackberry 10 devices though, and you can get it from Blackberry World (as if there was another way). Hit up the widget below to navigate to the appropriate web portal.

Have you used Bee? What do you think of the third party Tumblr support? Are you happy with what’s offered? Would you like to see the app expanded with more features, and what would you like added? Let us know in the comments below!

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