Free BlackBerry Bridge App For BlackBerry Smartphones Updated To Version

by Mauricio 225 views0

Along with the official release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, RIM today also released an update for the free BlackBerry Bridge app. If you want to take advantage of the extra features offered by pairing your BlackBerry smartphone with a PlayBook, and especially if you updated to OS 2.0, you’ll want to grab this update. New in Bridge version

  • Use your smartphone’s keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen to remotely control your Playbook™ tablet*
  • Open attachments, files and Browser URLs directly on your PlayBook™ tablet from your BlackBerry® smartphone’s menu
  • Copy/Paste from anywhere in BlackBerry® Bridge PlayBook apps
  • Use Device Properties menu to turn on and off BlackBerry® Bridge™ email, calendar, and address book accounts
  • Improved stability with multiple pairing and connectivity bug fixes
  • Various UX improvements

For more info and to get the new version of BlackBerry Bridge find it here in BlackBerry App World.