Sign The Petition To Get Netflix On BlackBerry Smartphones & PlayBook!

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It’s no secret that Netflix has absolutely no presence on BlackBerry devices other than third-party apps which don’t offer full functionality. Many of you have asked, complained and some even begged Netflix to release an official app for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook. Why they don’t offer us apps is unknown but Philip Whittle let me know he took it upon himself to publish a petition on to make it happen.

As of now the petition has been signed over 5,000 times with a target of 7,500. Here is why Philip believes this is important:

A blackberry user tweeted “@netflixhelps @netflix @netflix_CA where is my #playbook app? You’ve had enough time and no more excuses! Thanks!” Netflix’s response was “We don’t have any current plans to support Blackberry devices, incluing [sic] Playbook.”

I have always been a Blackberry user. When I purchased my Playbook I expected there to be a Netflix App on it from day one.

Nextflix, I have paid for your services for years along with many of the other 70 million Blackberry users. Part of my expectation of you being my online streaming provider is that you will provide service the devices I choose to utilize. Especially when you have the capabilities!

There is a Netflix App for the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita.. Give me a break!

Let’s go BlackBerry Rockers, head on over and sign the petition on to get Netflix on BlackBerry!