Blackberry 10 Is ‘All About the Flow’

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During the keynote, this morning, Research In Motion’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, gave an exclusive sneak peek at the new features of Blackberry 10. Oh boy, are we excited!

Judging by what we saw during the presentation it looks as if RIM has finally decided to use innovation in its newer Blackberry 10 OS. Of course, we are by no means saying that RIM wasn’t innovative in the past, but up until now, RIM has been set in its ways, which is rather evident by the company’s recent financial failures.

As Heins stated in the presentation, the new user interface of Blackberry 10 is “all about the flow.”

“We want a user paradigm that is easy and fast. The flow is taken to a new level in Blackberry 10. Everything flows continuously, it never stops, and because of that you just flow through it.”

“Applications run in realtime in the background. This means that apps run all the time, and never shut down, you can just flow through them.”

“With Blackberry 10, we are making you agile and nimble.”

RIM is remarkably confident that the new user interface and features of Blackberry 10 will lead to it’s success. We’re pretty confident too after seeing a demo, the Blackberry Dev Alpha device was responsive, fluid and innovative.

As is evident from the demos of BB10, the home screen UI is slightly similar to the panels seen on the Windows Phone OS. Users will have instant access to the most prominent features, including the infamous Blackberry universal inbox. All applications and tasks can be quickly swapped out utilizing the unique “Glance” feature.

The Blackberry 10 operating system will be available on all next generation Blackberry devices as well as the current gen Playbook (it will receive an OTA update). There’s been no confirmation whether or not older gen Blackberry devices will receive an update.

Unfortunately, both the hardware and software demoed during the keynote are not finished products which means design could change at any time.

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to catch the sneak peek that aired during the keynote, don’t you fret! We’ve got the Blackberry 10 sneak peak video below, as well as some images of the new OS in action.