The Launch of Blackberry 10: What’s in Store?

by Thea Neuman 271 views0

Finally, RIM has decided to launch its latest BlackBerry 10 mobile platform and devices on 30th Jan, 2013 in several countries, shunning all rumors about BB 10 getting delayed further.

The new version has been created taking special care of the needs of mobile users and great efforts have been made to enhance their experience. The BlackBerry team has been working really hard to develop innovative and new features while improving upon the technology to make the overall user experience better. RIM is hopeful that when their hard work’s results will be out, people will realize that the new BB 10 devices are so much different from what other smart phones offer today.

It was necessary for RIM to bring in new features into the market because it was losing its customers for not being able to introduce something usefully different to the business users.

According to a study, it has been proved that 75% of smart phone market is captured by Android nowadays. Compared to this, the sale of BlackBerry has been very minute. BlackBerry was once known for its goodwill in the enterprise mobiles market. However, expectations from the new BB 10 are very high.

What are the new features that will come up in BlackBerry 10?

Apps – Productivity has always been associated with the BlackBerry, therefore, applications which are useful for business users are obviously expected. However, RIM is also going to launch other new kinds of applications as well. Concentration is being put on social media and lifestyle domain.

BlackBerry Hub – Every feed, notifications and alerts will come into BlackBerry Hub and will be readily accessible to the users.

New Keyboard – The new keyboard will first learn your writing habits and then it will make your work easier once it will start guessing your words.

BlackBerry Balance – BlackBerry Balance will segregate the business related data from the personal data of the user. This will ensure safety. Also, the work related data will be fully protected and secured.

The Launch of Blackberry 10: What's in Store? It has been good news for RIM that their smart phones having BlackBerry 10 have been certified by FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard). These devices are first from BlackBerry to be FIPS certified. This certification implies that RIM has ensured the security and privacy needed and this will help RIM to get back the customers for whom privacy matters the most.

After losing drastic amount of share in the market, and delaying the launch of BlackBerry 10 twice, the date of final arrival is coming soon.

Several people are hoping that RIM will launch something that will save its sinking image but some are still very negative about it. Only time can tell!