Don’t Upgrade to Blackberry 7, Purchase a Bold 9780 Instead

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If you are in the market for a Blackberry 6 device, the Blackberry Bold 9780 is your guy. After all, we still have at least half a year before RIM releases the Blackberry 10 OS, and it is uniquely tailored Blackberry product line.

Consumers also have the option to purchase Blackberry 7 devices like the Bold 9900/9930, Torch 9860/9800 and the latest in the Curve product line, but we think the Bold 9780 is still a superior device.

RIM has stated that the current lineup (meaning the devices that were most recently made available) will NOT receive a software upgrade to the Blackberry 10 OS. That means the Blackberry 7 OS devices will need to be traded in once the new BB10 devices hit the market, at least by those who want the new software upgrade.

While this news is disheartening, it is currently irrelevant, especially for those who need a new device right now. Upgrade time tends to sneak up out of the darkness, and putting up with an older mobile device can be frustrating. If you are the type of person that can wait patiently for the new Blackberry product lineup more power to you, but if you are the type of person who can’t wait, the Blackberry 9780 is an acceptable alternative.

Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha- Development Testing Phone

Why Not Just Get a Blackberry 7 Device?

The Blackberry 7 operating system has several new features and enhancements, most of which implement touchscreen and gesture support into the standard OS mechanics. Considering a majority of the Blackberry 6 devices have no touchscreen, it’s obvious why RIM didn’t roll out the upgrade to the older devices.

Blackberry 7 adds several visual improvements to the user interface, which combines with the higher resolution displays of the Blackberry 7 devices to offer “a better experience”. Blackberry 7 also includes much faster internet browsing support than previous OS versions.

Regardless of what the Blackberry 7 operating system has to offer, the Blackberry 6 platform operates in nearly the same fashion, albeit with a slightly less attractive interface.

Realistically, the Blackberry 6 devices provide a superb browsing experience even by today’s standards. Sure, the older Blackberry 6 OS may lack certain flare that the Blackberry 7 devices have, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. BB6 is especially appealing when you consider the $300 Blackberry Bold 9780 price tag of a non-contract, unlocked model.

A Blackberry 7 device like the Bold 9900 still has a hefty price for the non-contract model, which ranges from about $450-500 new.

The reason we’re quoting non-contract and unlocked model prices is because the release of Blackberry 10 is right around the corner. It is a smarter idea to pick up an older non-contract phone so that when the new devices release, consumers can sign a new contract and get the standard carrier discount for a new phone.

Let’s face it, not everyone is an uber-geek with access to the latest and greatest, so there’s lots of folks out there who haven’t upgraded their phones yet. It’s also true that not everyone has money or extra resources they can just throw into the wind.

Don’t Waste Your Carrier Upgrade on a Blackberry 7 Device

As mentioned above, RIM will not be upgrading Blackberry 7 devices to the Blackberry 10 operating system when it rolls out, which means anyone who wants to use the new Blackberry OS will have to get a brand new device. There’s no point in upgrading to a Blackberry 7 device now and losing the opportunity to get a Blackberry 10 device when the products start hitting the market by the end of 2012.

That is exactly why we recommend picking up the older Blackberry 9780 Bold. Quite frankly, it was one of the best Blackberry devices ever, and was certainly one of the best Blackberry 6 devices. Of course, there are some out there who will argue that the Blackberry 7 devices are superior, and while this may be true from a software perspective, there actually aren’t that many improved features in the newer operating system. There are certainly not enough enhancements, in the newer OS, to warrant throwing away a carrier upgrade less than a year before new phone models are to release.

Blackberry Bold 9780 Smartphone

Blackberry Bold 9780 Review, Short and Sweet

It is worth doing a quick Blackberry 9780 review and covering the features and specifications, considering we’re recommending that consumers purchase one.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 is powered by 512MB of installed memory and comes bundled with a 2GB media card for storage. The Bold 9780 also includes a 5MP rear-facing camera, integrated Wi-Fi, and a 1500 mAHR Lithium Ion battery with 6 hours of rated battery life. In addition, the 9780 includes a trackpad, instead of the standard navigational trackball found in most Blackberry devices.

Unfortunately, the BB Bold 9780 does not include 4G LTE connectivity, but depending on the home area, and the carrier used, 4G may not be accessible anyways. As mentioned above, the 9780 does include an integrated Wi-Fi radio which means consumers can take advantage of any wireless network when in range, and these days nearly every business or location offers some form of wireless internet.

What’s likely more pertinent is the incredible selection of applications which are available for Blackberry devices. There are just as many, if not more, applications available for Blackberry 6 devices as there are for Blackberry 7 devices. In fact, most of the same applications are available on both operating systems, which is excellent news for those who aren’t interested in upgrading to the newest devices yet.

The Blackberry 6 operating system also natively supports Blackberry Maps and GPS functionality which means users don’t have to worry about finding their way around strange areas. Blackberry 6 also supports full multi-tasking for increased productivity with applications through the Blackberry Application switcher, which allows seamless jumping between applications.

In addition, the Bold 9780 is available with a glossy black or a matte white body finish.

Skip Blackberry 7 Devices If You Don’t Own One Already

There’s no point in purchasing a Blackberry 7 device if you’re waiting for Blackberry 10 and currently have a carrier upgrade available. Blackberry 7 devices will not be upgraded to the new Blackberry 10 OS, and a plethora of new models will hit the market designed specifically for the new operating system.

The Blackberry 6 OS may be showing it’s age by now, but it won’t be long until Blackberry 10 releases, RIM has already made public their plans to release by the end of 2012.

If you need a newer Blackberry device to hold you over, pick up a 9780 off-contract and carrier unlocked on the cheap. The Blackberry 9780 price tag for a non-contract, and carrier unlocked model is approximately $300. Then, after you purchase the 9780, wait out the release of RIMs newer devices and pick up a Blackberry 10 with subsidized pricing (discounted with a 2 year contract service agreement).

If you decide not to listen to our advice and use your upgrade for a Blackberry 7 device, when BB10 releases you’ll have to wait two full years before subsidized pricing is available again, unless you purchase a phone at full price (usually in excess of $600) or switch carriers and then pay cancellation fees