Mysterious Blackberry ‘Development Alpha’ Phone Surfaces

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Blackberry Development Alpha Phone Front

Some leaked images have surfaced of a new Blackberry device which will likely be used during the Blackberry Jam this week. Research In Motion will be allowing developers at the event to sample Blackberry 10 “Development Alpha” devices. The Blackberry Jam is a community conference that is expressly designed to allow content developers and various businesses the option of becoming familiar with the new Blackberry 10 OS.

The images of the new Blackberry device first surfaced on Crackberry’s forums, and show off a touchscreen candy-bar style phone which includes a design remarkably similar to that of the Blackberry Playbook.

Of course, the device is rumored to be a development version, which means it may never make it to store shelves or into consumer’s hands. Although the news is unfortunate (the device does look attractive), it might be a positive thing that such a phone never becomes available – there appears to be no tactile keyboard which most Blackberry users religiously swear by.

Regardless, you can expect our coverage if and when any more information about the device becomes available.

Source: Crackberry

Via: Engadget