Introducing the New Blackberry Mobile Fusion, Now with Universal Device Management

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Blackberry Mobile Fusion Software, Bringing Order to Mobile Chaos

Blackberry Mobile Fusion is an enterprise centered product that allows mobile device management to be done through a single, web-based interface. It also includes support to allow users access to work email and data at all times, while securely protecting said data.

“At RIM we feel like we were the first mobile management solution.”

Mobile Fusion was designed with IT managers in mind, and RIM advertises it as an efficient platform for managers to control and monitor business related devices.

Vikas Shakyaver, Enterprise Product Manager for Research In Motion, covered the basic security and features in the new version of Mobile Fusion.

“Blackberry Mobile Fusion is Blackberry’s next-gen mobile device management platform.”

When RIM representatives were asked if Windows Phone is in the agenda for future supported products of the Mobile Fusion software, they answered that the platform will be included once it’s relative in enterprise environments and enough consumers show a requirement for it.

Blackberry Mobile Fusion Universal Device Service

Mobile Fusion Universal Device Management Service

Blackberry Mobile Fusion now includes a universal device management service. The new software version of Mobile Fusion has been adapted to include Blackberry 7 and previous Blackberry OS devices, Blackberry Playbook tablets and now Android (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3, 4) and iOS (version 4) devices. That’s right, IT managers can now interact and manage Android and iOS devices thanks to Mobile Fusion.

RIM identified that with enterprise software like Mobile Fusion, end users look for the same type of elegance and experience which they have in their personal lives, in their professional lives. Mobile Fusion allows for a safe, secure and seamless integration between business and personal mobile device use.

Most importantly, the Mobile Fusion software allows IT managers a single management layer to manage all related devices. There is no additional management software required, and all devices now apply.

To utilize the universal device service on iOS and Android consumers must first install a unique application on the related device which authenticates access and helps protect data. The Mobile Fusion application for iOS and Android is available on the public market as well as through the Blackberry site, so its not difficult to find.

Blackberry Mobile Fusion also includes security measures to restrict access to devices and notify managers when a device is not in compliance with company standards. Mobile Fusion includes jailbreak and rooting detection, and can even be adapted to restrict access to iOS and Android devices altogether.

When a device is out of compliance, the system allows managers to notify the user in order to give them a chance to fix the issue themselves, or just take care of the problem through the software.

Mobile Fusion also allows management of installed apps, and IT managers can install or remove mandatory apps, as well as remove alternate apps from a device (apps that are not installed by IT managers through Mobile Fusion software).

Anyone interested in more information about the software may visit the official Blackberry Mobile Fusion web page.

Annual licenses for the Blackberry device service and universal device service start at $99 ($4.00 per month).