New Video Surfaces, BB10 Still Looks Amazing

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A new video has popped up showing off some of Blackberry 10’s best features, and we have to say, holy hell it looks sexy!

It looks like RIM’s choice to go all-in with BB10 was a brilliant plan, because the flagship OS is looking more and more like an incredible success in the making!

A New BB10 Video Presentation

RIM’s Regional Senior Product Manager, Claudio Roselli starred in a ten minute video (posted to YouTube by Muy Computer) that presents some of the key features we’ve been hearing about in BB10. For a short while the video was pulled from the internet because Roselli probably did the cameo without permission. However, it’s been reposted online for anyone who wants to take a look.

New Video Surfaces, BB10 Still Looks Amazing

More specifically, the video displays the dynamic BB10 lockscreen, the BB Hub, the predictive keyboard and the multitasking home screen. The lockscreen still amazes us. It looks and works beautifully.

We were also extremely pleased to see no slowdown at all while the video was being filmed. Blackberry Flow is certainly going to offer a fluid, and responsive UI.

We did see a remarkable resemblance to Android in some cases. Obviously, Blackberry 10 is NOT Android, and vice versa. It’s clear, however, that RIM developers may have used the current interface of Android as an influence in BB10’s design. For example, just the general layout of the BB10 lockscreen is quite familiar, as is the look and feel of the BB10 homescreen.

Before we blab your ear off some more, you might as well watch the video. Keep in mind, Roselli describes all the features in Spanish so if you don’t understand the language you won’t know what he’s saying. The video is still enjoyable to watch even if you can’t understand Roselli, just because of all the cool features on display.

10 Minutes With Blackberry 10

It’s worth mentioning that during the presentation the video gets blurry at times, this was probably added when the video was removed from the internet the first time. The screen gets blurry because RIM isn’t ready to show these features to the public yet. So, before you attack the cameraman’s handy work, you should probably consider this scenario.

What Do You Think of BB10?

We think Blackberry 10 looks positively stunning! The numerous videos showing off RIM’s upcoming platform have yet to show something that instills doubt in our hearts. We stand behind RIM entirely for this release and can’t wait to get our hands on a Blackberry 10 phone!

What do you guys, and gals, think? Is there anyone out there who is already planning to ditch their current phone for a new Blackberry 10 device? Have you seen anything that would make you switch from Android, Windows Phone or iPhone to Blackberry 10?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!