Black Ops Maps, For When You Absolutely Must Remain Stealthy

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When you think about, most apps in Blackberry App World are fairly intrusive. If you’re outside at night, and you turn on your gadget – people can see you from miles away. Some times this isn’t bad at all, especially when you don’t mind the dazzling display of your Blackberry illuminating the area surrounding you. There are times, however, where you need total secrecy. Times when you’re trying to remain stealthy, and you absolutely must protect your hiding place. We’re not going to bother covering semantics, or why you’d want to hide – that does not matter.

Standard Navigation Software is a Dead Giveaway

One of the most critical uses of a tablet or smartphone is the GPS and navigation support. Thanks to mobile devices it’s almost impossible to get lost these days. If you’re on some kind of black ops mission, an app that tells you exactly where you’re going can be invaluable.

Problem is, most navigation apps like Google Maps, for example, will give you away in less than a heartbeat. Most apps use a strong, and conspicuous white user interface that, when open, saturate the sky with light. Imagine being on a stealth operation and turning on Google Maps in the middle of a firefight. It would give away your position immediately. Not that you’d ever be fidgeting with a tablet in the middle of a firefight, but you get the point.

Black Ops Maps on Blackberry Playbook

Black Ops Maps

Black Ops Maps includes a low key user interface that will maintain your stealth. The background color is black, and the whole UI is designed with the same dark theme. In addition, it also includes a collection of useful maps for planning covert missions. Heavily populated areas are highlighted and shown in more detail on maps.

City maps, in Black Ops, are accurately portrayed and include significant landmarks and different streets all of which are appropriately labeled. Ultimately, this will help operation managers pinpoint points of entry and emergency escape routes. They can develop a full operation just using Black Ops Maps. Of course, that is assuming the team will be bringing their Blackberry phone or Playbook with them on the mission.

Black Ops Maps has been developed by Skylabs Mobilesystems Limited. They’re no strangers to mapping software development. Skylabs has created plenty of mapping software in the past like TopoExplorer, DisasterAlert, GPS Monitor and MobileTracker.

Black Ops Maps uses the Google Maps API, which means the software has been developed in conjunction with the Maps service. The maps essentially look a lot like those found in Google Maps, except they’ve been significantly improved upon.

Get Black Ops Maps Now

If you’re planning a Black Ops mission and need an app that’s going to protect your stealth, then you can find Black Ops Maps in Blackberry App World for $9.99. Black Ops Maps is compatible with all Blackberry smartphones running OS v4.5 and up, and it’s also compatible with all Playbooks running OS v2.0 and up.