Blackberry Unveils the Dev Alpha C; It’s Like the Q10 but Not Really

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The two previous Dev Alpha devices were parallel models of the new Blackberry Z10. They served as potent demonstration devices, and offered developers something to work with. Since Blackberry 10 was a brand new operating system, Blackberry (or RIM at that time) had to offer developers a way to test their apps and software. Naturally, the Blackberry Dev Alpha devices were the key to that particular problem.

That should also explain why they gave the devices away at a lot of developer conferences. This is actually one of the primary reasons, the Blackberry 10 platform has launched with so many apps available. If you ask me, the availability of 70,000+ apps right at launch is not a shabby milestone, by any means.


We also got our first real look at the Blackberry Q10 during the BB10 launch event last week. Coming later this year, it’s going to be the first Blackberry 10 device outfitted with a physical keyboard. Surely, lots of folks out there are excited to get their hands on it. I know I am!

Since the Q10 retail device won’t be available for testing until later this year, it only makes sense that Blackberry would provide a developer handset mirroring it. After all, developers will need to optimize their apps properly to make use of the smaller screen and physical QWERTY.

During the keynote presentation this morning, at Blackberry Jam Europe in Amsterdam, the Blackberry Dev Alpha C was revealed. It’s just like the first Dev Alpha devices, only the C model is equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

As you can see from the images, it’s not quite as slick in terms of design as the Q10, but it’s not meant to be a finished product. The Dev Alpha C is just a testing device, or prototype if you will. It incorporates the same basic design, as well as the same internal hardware so that developers can get things done!

By the time the Q10 hits the market and is available for consumers, developers will already have their apps and software optimized for the device. Hopefully, that means there won’t be any waiting period, after getting the device, of course, to try out your favorite apps.

I actually love the design of the Dev Alpha C device, that plain matte finish and squared off style is quite attractive! I’m sure some of you out there will disagree. What do you think? Would you still like the Blackberry Q10 if it looked more like the Dev Alpha C device, or do you like it as is?

If you’d like to see the Dev Alpha C more in-depth, the folks over at Crackberry have a quaint hands-on feature with the device. If you’re a developer and you’d like to register to receive a Blackberry Dev Alpha C device, you can do so here.

Image Credits: Crackberry

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