Test Out Blackberry 10 with an Android or iOS Device Using Blippar

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The Blackberry Z10 is finally starting to make its rounds globally. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned several times before, the Z10 won’t be available in the US for a little while longer. That leaves something to be desired for wannabe Blackberry owners.

Blackberry is offering current iOS and Android users a taste of Blackberry 10, thanks to Blippar, a company that specializes in augmented reality mobile advertising. Blippar uses the device camera to scan various elements, which then launch augmented reality experiences on the mobile device.

The Blippar app essentially allows iOS and Android users to emulate the Blackberry 10 OS directly on their current device.

Blackberry 10 in iOS

Here’s how to check out BB10 if you’re interested.

  • First, you have to install Blippar on your device through Google Play or iTunes.
  • Open the Blackberry Takeover promotion page, preferably on another device like a laptop or tablet.
  • Let Blippar scan what it needs to scan on the page (it can take a while)
  • You’ll apparently shoot through an open vortex in space
  • The app will open your browser and redirect you to a Blackberry Z10 promotion page
  • Click on the link labeled “Try it,” to check out Blackberry 10
  • The BB10 interface will open within your browser for you to try out using gestures
  • Have at em cowboy, or cowgirl

If you did it correctly, you’ll see the Blackberry 10 lock screen centered in your browser window. The Blackberry 10 preview will then take you through the entire platform, demoing all the prominent features. You’ll get a glimpse at Blackberry Messenger, Gesture support, Blackberry Screen Sharing, the Peek feature, Blackberry Flow and of course the Blackberry Hub. If you’re on the fence, and don’t know what to choose for your next device, this will at least allow you to sample what BB10 has to offer.

I did notice when using it on my own Android device, there were some hiccups in performance. It would be gratifying to see the actual BB10 OS in action instead of just an emulation through the browser, but that’s just not feasible.

It’s a neat feature regardless, and I would recommend anyone with an iOS or Android device to give it a try. I seriously doubt this is going to change anyone’s mind, but it’s an effective advertising tool, and it shows that Blackberry is moving in the right direction.

With plenty of advertising and marketing like this, the platform should be popular in no time.

If you would much rather check out a video preview of Blippar in action, I’ve included it, as well. If you do happen to give Blackberry 10 a test drive, be sure to let the community know what you think by leaving a comment!

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