Mysterious Partner Orders One Million Blackberry 10 Smartphones!

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Blackberry issued a press release yesterday that mentioned a mysterious partner, particularly one that has ordered an unusually high number of BB10 smartphones, one million to be exact. Currently, we don’t know anything about this partner, besides the fact that they clearly love Blackberry 10 smartphones.

This order is the single largest purchase ever in the history of the company. After all, it makes sense right? One million smartphones is a prodigious number, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Undoubtedly, this is fantastic news for Blackberry, but we’ll talk about that more in a bit. For now, here’s the somewhat ambiguous press release that Blackberry sent out to everyone.

Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry Partner Purchases One Million BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

Largest ever single purchase order in BlackBerry’s history

WATERLOO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – March 13, 2013) – BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) announced today that one of its established partners has placed an order for one million BlackBerry 10 smartphones, with shipments starting immediately. This order marks the largest ever single purchase order in BlackBerry’s history.

“An order for one million devices is a tremendous vote of confidence in BlackBerry 10,” said Rick Costanzo, EVP Global Sales, BlackBerry. “Consumers are ready for a new user experience, and BlackBerry 10 delivers. With strong partner support, coupled with this truly re-invented new platform, we have a powerful recipe for success.”

BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones on January 30th. BlackBerry Z10 is now available for purchase in a number of markets around the world and will be available in the United States starting this month.

BlackBerry will be reporting results for its fourth quarter and year-end of fiscal 2013 on March 28, 2013. A conference call and live webcast will be held beginning at 8 am ET, which can be accessed by dialing 1-800-814-4859 or through your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone, personal computer or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet at

I still can’t wrap my head around it. One million Blackberry 10 smartphones, wow!

Just the other day I was talking about how customers in the business world are slowly starting to drift back to Blackberry. The brand bled customers and clients over the past couple years, and now it’s finally starting to lure them back in.

Gone are the days where Blackberry refused to innovate and improve. Blackberry 10 is a brand new platform, and it’s both refreshing and young in terms of development. The features that Blackberry 10 currently offers are on par with that of other platforms. Sure, there are some things wrong like the leading name mobile applications, and software kinks here and there, but just think of the incredible potential.

Most people will say this, “I don’t buy a phone for the potential it has, but for what it actually offers.”

To that I say “bollocks!” What do you think you’re doing every time you get the latest and greatest. You’re essentially buying the first of its kind, especially when it comes to new hardware. Most people don’t realize that companies treat consumers as guinea pigs most of the time. They iron out the kinks and bugs as a device matures, with software updates.

Anyway, before I get even more off track, the point is that Blackberry 10 is on par with the other mobile platforms out there, and it’s still in its infancy. It’s not like BB10 offers a tiny fraction of the experience now, with the promise of more on the way. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

With Blackberry Hub, the Flow UI and all the other things that BB10 has to offer there’s no reason not to upgrade to Blackberry 10 if you’ve been a long time Blackberry fan.

Getting back on track here, 1 million units are certainly good for Blackberry and the brand. I just wish we knew who it was that purchased so many devices!

What do you think? Feel free to weigh in on the situation in the comments below, the section is there for a reason.

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