Thorsten Heins on the Future of the Blackberry Playbook, and the BB10 OS

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Trusty ol’ Thor was at it again, making the rounds to several different media outlets discussing the future of Blackberry and the BB10 OS along the way. As always, Thorsten Heins was an absolute delight, and many of the things he said were spot-on.

Personally I like the CEO of Blackberry, Thorsten Heins. Even when the shit hit the fan, so to speak, he was calm, cool and supremely collective. I had the pleasure of watching him speak live in front of a sizeable collection of press at a private meeting last year during Blackberry World. Heins fielded several questions about BB10 at the time, many of which were asked with a bit of scorn and snark. Heins was sincere, as much as he could be anyway, and remained calm and polite.

Needless to say, he’s not perfect, but he is still damn good at what he does.

Thorstn Heins positive about Blackberry

His most recent talks were in regards to the Blackberry Z10 launch in Australia, which is happening pretty soon. We already know quite a bit about the Z10, so it’s the other subjects he discussed that are more importance now. More specifically, he talked about the future of the current Playbook and the possibility of a new version coming soon.

To address several questions about the Playbook, Heins clearly outlined that the company is directly focused on smartphones at the moment. To ease worry, he did elaborate on his idea of a “mobile computing platform,” meaning that Blackberry 10 will be available on more than just smartphones eventually.

Unfortunately, he had no comment as to whether or not a new Playbook is undeniably coming, but he did say that BB10 goes “way beyond mobile communications.” Perhaps Blackberry even has something more in store than just another tablet? Juicy, juicy!

“How can we take this to the next stage and not just be another tablet, or another design of a tablet? How can we really add value? … Tablets in my view, from a hardware perspective, is a very difficult business. There’s one company, kudos to them, that did it really well, and they own the majority of the market.”

Heins also acknowledged the tremendous success that Apple has met in the smartphone market with the iPhone. It’s apparent that Heins realizes what Apple can do, and what they have certainly delivered to consumers. He did say, however that he believes Apple had failed to do anything particularly innovative since 2007 when the iPhone and iOS first launched.

“Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market. There is a reason why they were so successful, and we actually have to admit this and respect that.” 

Despite his jesting, Heins did point out that iOS is five years old now. It’s no secret that Apple is starting to lose consumer interest. The Android platform is currently the leader in the smartphone market thanks to Samsung.

We’ll get to see how Blackberry 10 devices fit into that equation soon enough. The US release of the platform is just days away now, and there’s more to come.

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