Five Things That Make BlackBerry Secure

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Large corporations, national governments and consumers all use BlackBerry to protect their data and to securely communicate with people. People were much less security conscious six or seven years ago. Today almost everyone who uses a mobile device is concerned about security and privacy.

Big corporations and governments have to protect their data so that it doesn’t reach the wrong hands. There have been several instances of corporate data breaches in recent times. All of these reiterate the need for a secure Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. Consumers have slightly different needs. They want to be able to communicate with their friends and family at any time and from anywhere. They want to connect to social networking sites and download apps. They also want to protect their privacy.

People have long stopped asking whether mobile security is important. They understand that it is. They also understand that BlackBerry can protect their data and devices. But what is it that makes BlackBerry the most secure enterprise mobility platform? We cannot answer that question without analyzing the fundamentals.

Providing security is not easy.

The attacker needs to find just one vulnerability to get into the system. The defender, on the other hand, has to protect all entry points. The job of the attacker is easy. The job of the defender is far more difficult.

The strength of a system depends upon the weakest link in it.

Just like burglars and electricity, hackers are also looking for a path that offers the least resistance.

All systems are penetrable.

That explains why security should be implemented in the right places. Time and money spent on security should justify the value of assets they are supposed to protect.

A secure system has to be built on a secure foundation.

Unless security is built into the system right from the beginning it will not be effective. Security is not an enhancement or an extra feature. It is a fundamental part of the system.

You cannot build secure systems overnight.

Building secure mobile infrastructure requires a great deal of time and experience. And only time can tell whether the product is secure or not.

BB Security BlackBerry uses its own software and hardware. This allows them to build a solid end-to-end structured defense that begins at the hardware level. Whenever a BlackBerry device boots up anywhere in the world, BlackBerry verifies whether the operating system is authentic. The QNX Neutrino microkernel upon which BlackBerry devices are built provides integrity, security and resiliency. The QNX core is designed to protect against tampering, malware and data leakage. BlackBerry encrypts and secures data on the device itself and across their trusted network.

BlackBerry provides comprehensive security. BES10 provides manageability, BlackBerry Guardian provides protection against mobile malware and BBM Protected offers secure instant messaging.

For well over 15 years, BlackBerry has been infusing security into all of their products. New attacks develop on a daily basis and to guard against them BlackBerry has invested heavily in new security technologies. This has helped them improve their product quality and offer customers the protection they need from hackers and malware.

BlackBerry works closely with consumers, their partners and researchers to defend and strengthen the privacy and security of their products.

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