Why BBM is not affected by iMessage’s Spam Problem

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Everybody hates spam and wants to fight it but spamming is on the rise. An article published in WIRED reports that spammers are taking over Apple’s iMessage platform. Unfortunately, the Cupertino based company is ‘moving slowly’ to help out the ‘beleaguered users’.

Tom Landesman, who is an employee of the anti-spam company Cloudmark, says that there was no such thing as an iMessage spam a year ago. But now iMessage spam accounts for over 30% of all spam messages thanks to an aggressive campaign led by one junk mailer and the inherent flaws of the iMessage platform.

WIRED says that spamming an iMessage user is easy because Apple’s mobile devices and computers are closely integrated. A spammer only has to create a fake email address and hack their way into the iMessage database. Just 4 lines of code are enough to get into iMessage database. From there they can find your email address and/or phone number. Using these details they can instruct your Apple device to send spam messages to anyone they want.

Using this hack the spammer can even verify your user name. And thanks to iMessage’s read notification feature the spammer can get to know whether their messages were read or not. In today’s world where employees bring their own device this causes additional problems for organizations that use internet messaging to get work done. But if your company runs BlackBerry’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution (BES10) this cannot be a problem at all because it allows IT managers to turn off iMessage. However, that is a drastic measure. A better solution is to use BBM instead of iMessage.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use BBM:

1. Flawless architecture

BBM has a robust architecture that prevents its 85 million users from getting targeted by spammers. As iMessage works off phone numbers or Apple IDs, anybody who possesses your phone number/ID can send you spam messages. By contrast, BBM’s ‘invite and accept’ method gives users more control. In other words, when you use BBM, only people who are in your contact list can send you messages. In the same way, you can only send messages to your contacts. This prevents spammy messages from getting delivered to your inbox.

2. BBM gives you total control.

BBM has a self-policing system that prevents spam. Users can decide who should be in their contact list. While anybody can send you a request to be included in your BBM contact list you are free to decline that invite.

3. BBM Protected provides additional security.

BBM prevents spammers from sending you messages. BBM Protected adds an extra layer of protection by encrypting your messages. This will ensure that your messages are not vulnerable to spying while being transmitted.


4. Protection from unsolicited messages

If you unwittingly added a spammer to your contact list, you only have to block them. This will prevent them from sending another message in the future.

5. BBM works on all platforms.

It is structured in such a way that each BBM user has his/her own unique PIN.  Also it is a multi-platform messaging system. This allows you to message people using BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. iMessage only works on Apple products.

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