Why Enterprises Should Continue Using Their BlackBerry

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An article published by PC World in December 2013 gave enterprise users 5 reasons to continue using BlackBerry and another five reasons to ditch it. The reasons to use BlackBerry – its secure infrastructure, ease of typing, etc. – are still relevant, but the reasons to ditch it have lost their relevance because of some crucial steps BlackBerry took over the last few months.

Lack of apps

That was true in 2013, but today BlackBerry offers a good inventory of applications. The company has been offering several incentives to developers and this strategy has so far worked. Android and iOS still have far more apps than BB10, but BlackBerry is determined to expand the size of its app store.

BlackBerry has entered into a contract with Amazon. The new deal will bring Amazon’s Appstore to BlackBerry devices when BB 10.3 launches this fall.


BlackBerry dominated the market when IT administrators were dictating what devices employees should use. Now the situation has changed. Many organizations now allow employees to choose their device. This, however, doesn’t mean that time has come for organizations to move to another platform. In fact, the diversity of devices poses a greater security threat and organizations now need a secure mobile infrastructure like BES10 more than ever before.

BlackBerry now boasts of excellent multi-platform capabilities. Enterprises that use BES10 can give their people the freedom to use their iOS and Android phones and still communicate securely using the Secure Work Space containerization solution offered by BlackBerry.BES12 that is going to launch this fall will add support for Windows Phone devices as well. BBM is already available on iOS, Windows phone devices and Android.

A sinking ship

In their article PC World had called BlackBerry a sinking ship. They also expressed their confidence that BlackBerry would not rebound. In less than one year, BlackBerry’s leadership has made significant progress and BlackBerry has returned to profitability. While previously BlackBerry was only known for their iconic handsets, today they provide EMM solutions across devices, enterprise software, messaging, and embedded systems. Today, BlackBerry builds devices that meet business needs as well as productivity. The upcoming BlackBerry Passport is built for the enterprise user. It will have 24+ hours battery life and a large screen that will make editing spreadsheets and documents easier. It will also come bundled with BlackBerry Assistant that can take voice commands.

BlackBerry still has an unrivalled global infrastructure, largest install base and an ability to provide productive communications and mobile collaboration in the workplace. In addition, over 1.2 million BES10 licenses were issued to organizations concerned about security during the last few months.

BlackBerry Fusion

BlackBerry Fusion allows enterprises to manage their iOS and Android phones using their existing infrastructure. Actually, this provides organizations an opportunity to test out new devices without committing upfront and eventually migrate to another platform. But should they migrate?

BB Fusion Even today, BES10 is by far the most secure and cost effective EMM solution that supports multiplatform. This eliminates the need to migrate to another platform today or in the future. Also, thanks to the migration program called EZ Pass, enterprises that run older versions of BlackBerry’s Enterprise Server can upgrade to BES10 and experience the advantages of managing their fleet of devices running various operating systems.

It is true that 2013 was not exactly a great year for BlackBerry, but the worst is over. The BlackBerry of 2014 is way better than the BlackBerry of 2013. Today, they make all the right moves which enable them to grow and provide mobile solutions built on productivity, security and communications.

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