BlackBerry Passport Gets Thumbs-Up from Indian Media

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The BlackBerry Passport is now available for purchase in the US and many other parts of the world. With its high end hardware and cutting edge features, the Passport was one of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of this year. And it didn’t disappoint.

The handset has received rave reviews from both customers and tech writers. In fact, within hours of its launch, the Passport climbed to Number 1 position on Amazon.

The Passport has impressive specs including a 1440 x 1440 resolution touchscreen, excellent battery life, enough RAM and a touch-enabled QWERTY keypad. The first batch has already been sold out.

India has always been loyal to BlackBerry. While Android and iOS devices are also popular in this emerging market, BlackBerry still has a large number of users. Needless to say, there was a great deal of excitement prior to the phone’s launch in India. Many Indian newspapers and blogs reviewed the device and they all seem to agree that the Passport is one of the most innovative smartphones on the market now.

The reviewer at The Indian Express is mighty pleased with the device. He goes to the extent of saying that if Passport had been built by a relatively unknown start-up, the whole world would have hailed it as the most innovative smartphone in recent memory. He is also all praise for the keypad.

One of the biggest strengths of the Passport is its wide square screen. Thanks to the extra-large square screen, the Passport allows users to scan documents and spreadsheets without having to resort to zoom or pinch. Of course, this might make one-handed use a bit tricky, but most reviewers simply don’t care.

According to Abhik Sen, who reviewed the handset for Business Standard, the Passport is an extension of your office in pocket. He does admit that the device has an unusual shape, but in his opinion, once you get used to the shape, the phone would look and feel premium in your hands. The handset boots up quickly and you will not experience any lag while swiping through apps. Build quality is excellent. Sen is also impressed with the display.

Technocrats blog describe the Passport as a phone ‘Purpose-built for Productivity-driven Business Professionals’. The reviewer praises the wide square screen and claims that it is optimized for editing and viewing content.

BlackBerry Passport

Ritij Khurana who reviewed the phone at Know Your Mobile India feels that the Passport has lived up to the expectations surrounding it. He also praised the bright display which renders crisp images and videos.

The Passport has got 4G LTE connectivity as well as WiFi, 3G, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. Also the 3450 mAh battery will provide enough juice to last over a day.

The Hindustan Times also hailed the Passport as a ‘good fix for business users’. HT went to the extent of asking whether the Passport is a smartphone or a computer.

The BlackBerry Passport is now available for purchase from retail stores in India. BlackBerry has been taking pre-orders on its website and Amazon for the last ten days or so.

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