BBM Beta to Support Timed Messages and Message Retraction

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BBM has just got better. The upcoming BBM beta will have two cool features – Timed Messages and Message Retraction. Of course, apps like Snapchat already possess these capabilities but BlackBerry has made them better.

While BlackBerry is yet to announce an official launch date, sources claim that the company may roll out BBM Beta anytime now. The chief focus of this new update will be enhanced privacy features. BBM beta will be available for BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. The biggest highlights of this update are the premium features called ‘Message Retraction’ and ‘Timed Messages’.

Here is a quick overview of these two features.

Timed Messages

This is a cool feature that allows you to decide how long the messages and images that you share with a contact will be visible to them. It is easy to set the timer. Before sending the message or the picture, you only have to tap the timer icon found next to the text bar. Set the duration of time you would like the message/image to be visible to the recipient. The message remains hidden till the recipient touches and holds that chat. And when the timer expires or when the user takes his/her finger off the display, it will become invisible. What is particularly interesting about this feature is that you will be able to move between normal and timed messages in a single chat. If some messages shared during the chat are sensitive and you do not want them to remain in BBM forever, you can set the timer for those messages. What if the recipient grabs a screen shot of that timed message? Don’t worry. BlackBerry has found a solution to that problem as well. BBM beta is capable of detecting screenshots and when it detects one, the sender will be notified immediately.

BBM Message Retraction

Message Retraction

You may have sent a message to a person who shouldn’t have received it. Or you may have sent some sensitive information to a contact. For example, you may have sent them your credit card information so that they can buy movie tickets for you. In this case, you will probably not want that data to remain there in the BBM. What if we could retract those messages? That would be great, right? You bet! With BBM beta, you can do that.  All that you need to do is to retract the message. This will remove that information from BBM chat and they will no longer have access to it. To retract a message, you only have to touch and hold that message and then select ‘retract message’. This only works with messages. It does not work with pictures. Also only one-to-one chats are covered.

BBM users have been asking for these features for quite some time and now they are integrated into BBM. Now they only have to wait for the beta to roll out.

A limited version of BBM beta is already available for BB 10 and Android users. A more stable version will soon roll out and it will be compatible with all platforms.

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