Review: BBSmart Alarms Pro

by Mauricio 143 views0


Congratulations to BBSmart for another great application.

The icon of the application itself is an interactive clock that has different face colors when an alarm is activated or not.

When first starting the application you are informed that you have not set any alarms and it gives you the option of setting a “Regular Alarm” or a “Quick Alarm.”

This is a very nice touch helping first time users set up their first alarm without looking through the app first.

The menus and options are clearly visible, making setting up the alarm quick and easy.

You can give each alarm its own title, and create many alarms with different select days, times, and alarm ringtones.

Set up recurring alarms for your work days, exercising sessions, etc. The day-of-the-week selection is simple with a click on click off function.

You can select an alarm ringtone from your music saved on your SDCard also! Or use the preloaded ringtones provided by the application: Electric Piano, Guitar Riff, Drum Beat, or Disco.

With this application, you do not have to worry about selecting a “Save” option to save your alarm, it does it for you! Also, if you accidentally hit the back key, it saves the alarm and its settings automatically, unless it is left at the default alarm setting.

You have a choice of snooze length from 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

Change the amount of times the ringtone repeats and the volume settings.

You can also change the default alarm settings for the “Regular Alarm” or “Quick Alarm” to whatever you like.

The “Quick Alarm” is very handy for those on the run alerts you need to set up. Set up a basic “Quick Alarm” in a matter of 2 seconds.

Change your alarm settings to continuously vibrate when your alarm goes off or silence the alarm automatically when “unholstering” your BB.

The pop-up screen for your alarm alert is very clean and clearly visible, even if you are still half asleep, and the snooze function counts down to when the alarm will go off again.

While in the alarms list, you can see the current status of an alarm. Purple=Snoozed, Red=Off, and Green=on.

Buying a new BB? Not to worry, this application is transferable.

All in all I give this application a 10/10 and definitely worth the $8.95.

10 day free download and trial available.