Demo Video & Sneak Peek Of BlackBerry Tag – Transferring Files Using NFC

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Last month RIM officially announced BlackBerry Tag, a new way for BlackBerry smartphone users with supported devices to connect with one another and share multimedia content. BlackBerry smartphones with NFC will also be able to issue payments (like a credit card) but Tag is meant to allow sharing of content between users. From IntoMobile:

After checking out their new smartphones, RIM gave us a sneak peek at BlackBerry Tag, which will really start putting near-field communications to work. Just as described, BlackBerry tag will allow users to quickly and easily share content between BlackBerry devices; by putting them butt-to-butt, you’ll be able to transfer ringtones, voice notes, contacts, images, videos, calendar items, documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, browser links, and whatever else third part developers chose to support. It seems like the NFC itself is mostly just used to initiate a Bluetooth transfer, but that’s still pretty great considering how much of a pain it can be to pair up devices.

Very cool and very useful. Besides for being able to share documents and multimedia content, I’m sure developers will come up with creative ways to take advantage of BlackBerry Tag in apps and games. If you’re a developer you can check out this blog post at the Inside BlackBerry Developer’s Blog for more info.

via IntoMobile