Video Of A QNX Car Concept With BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet & Smartphone Integration

by Mauricio 384 views0

The team over at Engadget posted a cool video showing a “QNX Car” concept. The QNX Car is connected to a few devices including the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, a Bold 9700 and an iPhone. With QNX’s platform independent implementation, each connected device can display  info, apps and media through the car’s dashboard or center console.

The QNX Car uses Terminal Mode to replicate the PlayBook’s user interface and Message Access Protocol Bluetooth to pull data from the Bold 9700. While connected, the PlayBook also has a good amount of control over the car’s functions including changing the climate control settings. Pretty cool stuff. I’d say RIM’s acquisition of QNX was definitely a smart move. Check out the video below!

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