Get Social & Interact With BlackBerry Messenger Friends With BBM 6 Connected Apps & Games!

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With BlackBerry Messenger 6 finally being made officially available I’m sure many of you are wondering what apps and games are available with BBM Social Platform integration. A few of the apps I’ve already mentioned with BBM 6 connectivity are Foursquare and Filescout but as RIM pointed out on their Inside BlackBerry blog, there are a bunch more available. Here are the categories of apps and games that have some BBM 6 connected apps:

  • News and Sports
  • Location and Travel
  • Music
  • Games and Entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Productivity and Collaboration

If you’re looking to dive in head first with the new BBM 6 and get social with your BBM friends, you’ll definitely want to try these out. Check out the BBM 6 connected apps and games below and feel free to mention any that aren’t listed in the comments!

News and Sports:

Location and Travel:


Games and Entertainment:


Productivity and Collaboration:

via Inside BlackBerry