BlackBerry Desktop Software For Mac Version 2.3 Released With Improved BlackBerry PlayBook Support & Fixes

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RIM today released version 2.3 (specifically of the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac. This update comes after the PlayBook OS 2.0 release and includes improved support for the BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as a few other fixes. Here’s a bit from the release notes:

  • NEW – Improved BlackBerry PlayBook support
    The BlackBerry Desktop Software now supports tablets running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.
  • FIXED – Installation/Connection
    Previously, if you had two BlackBerry devices (smartphones or tablets) connected to the BlackBerry Desktop Software, and you disconnected one device by pulling the USB cable while the other device was synchronizing data, the BlackBerry Desktop Software stopped syncing data with the connected device. (DT 2387805)
    Previously, if you had BlackBerry Desktop Software 2.1 installed on your computer and you installed BlackBerry Device Manager 2.2, when you connected your smartphone or your tablet to your computer, the BlackBerry Desktop Software did not launch automatically. (DT 2055040)
  • FIXED – Pictures
    Previously, if an album in iPhoto had a large amount of pictures (20,000), CPU and memory usage spiked when you opened the BlackBerry Desktop Software. (DT 1042729)
    Previously, if you optimized your pictures to sync to your device, the time stamp was changed. (DT 805107)

For more info and to download the updated BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac go to