BlackBerry 10 Leaked Specifications

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Diehard fans of classy and elegant Blackberries keep their eye on every single Blackberry update, and this piece of news is just for them.

Some companies have managed to get access to two of the RIM’s new Blackberry handsets which are going to feature brand new BlackBerry 10 OS. Purportedly, there are some leaked documents that do not just contain some images but also shed light on RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 handset specifications and features.

This is quite known to everyone by now that this time RIM has decided to skip its standard physical keyboard, and the latest BB 10 model would feature touch screen keyboard instead of physical keyboard. This BB 10 series is known as the “L-series”. But wait, they also have some models that do have a physical keyboard, and they will be known as “N-series”. So if you love Blackberries for their physical keyboards, BB 10 has something in store for you too. BlackBerry 10 Leaked Specifications

Following are a few major specifications of BlackBerry 10 L-Series:

  • 2.16 inches (55 mm) wide screen
  • 768×1280 pixels resolution
  • 356 pixels per inch

And here are some major specifications of BlackBerry 10 N-Series:

  • 2.08 inches (53 mm) wide screen
  • 720×720 pixels resolution
  • 330 Pixels per inch

Now comes one of the pleasant surprises regarding new Blackberry handsets. Both new BB handsets (N-series and L-series) will feature more number of pixels per inch in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 4S. That means the screen display would be far better in terms of picture quality than what Apple iPhone has to offer. Well it seems that new BB10 handsets have already scored a brownie point for this accomplishment.

BlackBerry 10 Leaked Specifications RIM is expected to make an official announcement for its first BB 10 handset by August. Reportedly, besides shedding some light on BB 10 new handsets specs, these documents also revealed some more information regarding upcoming BB 10 handsets. BB 10 models which were earlier being given a codename “Nevada” will now be known as N-series. This will be the first BlackBerry 10 handset to feature a physical QWERTY keyboard. BB N-series may feature an OLED screen technology, but there can’t be any denying that in coming time, this series may embrace LCD display as well.

While where RIM’s arch rival Apple’s iPhone 5 release date is set for fall 2012, analysts are speculating that RIM may bring its L-series by September itself in order to gain a better market share before the arrival of Apple iPhone. And there is also a strong possibility that BB 10 L-series may arrive earlier than expected.

In fact if a bigger picture is taken into consideration, rolling out BB 10 much before than Apple’s iPhone entry would be an apt decision from every perspective. It is like making hay while the sun shines.

This fact is quite appealing that even when Android smart phones and Apple iPhone have been making great strides in the market, BB has managed to keep its charm intact. Don’t you all agree?