IOS Apps on BlackBerry? Yes, You Read that Right!

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For several weeks, the BlackBerry community has been abuzz about the possibility of running iOS apps on PlayBook. A few videos have popped up on YouTube showing a BlackBerry PlayBook running various iOS apps, including Sushi Cat, Super Monkey Ball, and even the much maligned iFart! Apparently, an iOS player has been developed that can run effectively on the BlackBerry  and on Windows as well. Of course, BlackBerry users that heard about this have had strong reactions, ranging from disbelief to a lot of excitement.

A Possible iOS Emulator for the BlackBerry

Apparently, the emulator in development is very similar to the WINE Windows emulator on the Linux operating system. Since Playbook already supports various of the same open APIs that iOS uses, it is apparently very possible to make it work. No one doubts that this kind of project will be extremely hard, and probably quite buggy for a long time, which explains why many in the BlackBerry  are still doubtful. Although many people were suspicious about these YouTube videos, claiming that they may simply be a video app or Android apps running on a PlayBook, it has been confirmed so far that their emulator is legitimate.

In fact, it may be in RIM’s best interest to buy this technology to integrate it into their new products. Now, you may ask: is this even legal? After all, Apple cannot be happy about this development. Well, emulators are certainly legal, and this app is in fact an iOS emulator of sorts. However, where problems of legality come in is in regards to each individual app. We’re confident that app developers will see this as an opportunity to repackage their iOS apps and to try to market them, legally, to the new, potentially untapped market of BlackBerry users.

There’s Still a Lot to Do

iOS Emulator For The Blackberry Playbook Although there is still a lot more work to be done, it seems that the emulator already works quite well with game apps (which, we don’t need to tell you, has always been something of a sore spot for BlackBerry  users.) However, the developer is confident that they will able to run other kinds of apps that have a bit of a more complicated setup. Could the ability to run iOS apps on the  BlackBerry 10 give the new smartphone the boost it needs to attract new BlackBerry users? Only time will tell. However, needless to say, those of us that are already BlackBerry  fans are very very excited about the possibilities.