How BlackBerry Protects User Data and Privacy

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Online privacy has become one of the biggest concerns of netizens. Ever since Edward Snowden spoke about the existence of government surveillance programs, both the media and the general public have been discussing about the importance of protecting consumer privacy.

Privacy is something that BlackBerry has been protecting for well over 15 years. Here is how BlackBerry does this.

Private by Default

We use gadgets to improve our productivity and to entertain ourselves. We expect the technology to protect our information and privacy. That is why we need a platform like BlackBerry because it is secure by default.

BBM, BlackBerry Blend and BES messages are all encrypted by default settings. Connections to popular mail servers like Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook are encrypted. Connections to sites that support encryption are also encrypted by default. BlackBerry believes in device encryption. They have been supporting the FIPS 140-2 validated encryption technology in all of their devices for over 10 years.

Makes simpler passwords secure

As users we have always been told to create strong and unique passwords consisting of numbers, special characters and letters. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t easy to remember these passwords. This becomes quite a problem when we have to remember several passwords.

BlackBerry can make even simple passwords secure. BlackBerry limits login attempts to 10. This makes simpler passwords safer on BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry ID also restricts the number of password attempts. This will protect your payment information and BBM. BlackBerry 10 comes standard with BlackBerry Protect. Should you lose your phone, you can locate it immediately, set a new password, change your password or even remotely wipe your information.

Opt in or opt out

Online data collection allows businesses to improve their services and understand user behavior. But if you don’t have enough control over the data you collect, this can lead to several privacy issues.

BlackBerry does collect anonymous data but it uses this information to improve features in BlackBerry Maps. When you boot your BB device for the first time, you will see a window that asks whether you would like to enable ‘Location Diagnostics’. BlackBerry allows you to opt in and opt out whenever you want.

Cover Your Apps

If mobile apps are hugely popular that is because they improve our productivity and provide entertainment. Unfortunately, they are also the biggest threats to your privacy.

The BlackBerry Passport comes standard with both the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World. BlackBerry is committed to protecting you from fraudulent apps and for this purpose it has entered into a partnership with Trend Micro. It will automatically scan all of your apps. Also when a user installs an app, it is put in its sandbox. It will not have access to your location, BBM, or camera without your permission. Users will be able to deny permission and still run the application.

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Private by Design

In this age of information explosion, personal data has become invaluable. There are vendors who silently gather and sell your data. There are also vendors who capitalize on your worries by selling you ‘privacy’ features. While some new manufacturers have only recently become concerned about user privacy, BlackBerry has been protecting it right since its inception.

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