Latest BBM Update Adds Some Cool New Features Including Greater Control and Privacy

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BlackBerry has rolled out its latest BBM update. The new update introduces several exciting features and promises to deliver that ultimate BBM experience.

What features are included?

BBM has just got better. The latest update brings a lot of privacy features which allow users to control the content and messages they share with their BBM contacts. As a result, users can communicate with greater freedom and discretion.

BlackBerry has been testing these new features with their customers for a few weeks, and they reportedly received great feedback. The highlights of this update are the two features called Message Retraction and Timed Messages. Some messaging apps already offer these features but BlackBerry has made them better. In fact, these two features now lend an altogether new dynamic to BlackBerry Messenger.

Here is an overview of the new features introduced by the most recent BBM update.

Timed Messages

This feature allows you to set how long your contacts will have access to the messages and pictures you share with them. When the time expires the message will delete itself. This gives the sender tremendous control over the message when they share sensitive information with their contacts.

Message Retraction

This feature allows you to retract a message after it has been sent. You may have shared some sensitive information with someone who is not supposed to have access to it. By simply retracting the message, you can save yourself a great deal of trouble.

Quicker sticker picker

This new feature allows you to add stickers to your chats really quickly.

HD Picture Transfer

With the addition of this feature, getting higher quality versions of the images you receive in your chat messages is now easier.

Discover Music

This feature allows you to see what music your BBM contacts are currently listening to.

BlackBerry Messenger has always been one of the most versatile instant messaging apps in the world. Its biggest strength is its secure infrastructure. BBM messages are encrypted. No one other than the sender and the intended recipient will have access to them. It is this security that made it popular with enterprises and governments all over the world. With the addition of these new features BlackBerry has made BBM even better. If you are not already using it, you have every reason to get BBM and start enjoying the unrivalled level of control and privacy offered by it.

bbm-logo-new Message Retraction and Timed Messages are premium features. However, they will be free over the next 3 months and users will have unrestricted access to them. After this time, users who would like to use these features will be able to enjoy them as part of the BBM subscription plan. The BBM subscription will also provide access to several other cool features.

BlackBerry is working hard to make BBM the best messaging app ever. It is true that BlackBerry Messenger faced stiff competition from messaging apps like Whatsapp and Snapchat in recent times. However, these new additions will easily give it an advantage over other messaging apps on the market at the moment.

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