How BES12 Can Revolutionize Mobility Management

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The advent of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture has changed the face of enterprise mobility management for ever. When diverse mobile endpoints make their foray into the workplace, IT departments need a solution that can manage them all. A future focused mobility management solution should allow a variety of mobile devices to access corporate data without compromising on user experience or security.

Accommodating corporate issued devices with employee owned devices is a tough task. But while IT departments have kept themselves busy handling the influx of tablets and smartphones, more important mobility management goals have been neglected.

These goals include:

  • The development of meaningful mobile apps and the mobilization of business processes
  • Life cycle management of mobile apps
  • Enhancing collaboration and employee productivity to new levels
  • Making the business more agile

Reactive Management

If IT departments have been in the reactive mode for the last few years, that is because of the limited capabilities of the EMM solutions that were developed to handle BOYD issues. None of these solutions progressed much since their early days.

Enterprises that want to fully realize the potential of enterprise mobility have to invest in a futuristic EMM solution that has the following features.

Centralized control

Organizations need an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that can support various device ownership policies from a single management console.

Support for multiple operating systems

Organizations are going to rely on a diverse range of operating systems and devices to boost the productivity of their employees. The right EMM solution should be capable of handling the entire fleet of mobile endpoints from a single system.

Mobile App Management

Mobile apps are becoming more important. A good EMM solution should be able to handle mobile apps across Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

No compromise on security

Mobility management has become quite an issue for security conscious organizations. We hear about data breaches on a regular basis. A good EMM solution has to be developed on a solid foundation that can protect corporate information regardless of where it resides.


Integration with back end systems

A futuristic EMM solution has to be properly integrated with enterprise directories for the automated management of groups and users. It should be integrated with hands-free mobile management solutions as well.

Introducing BES12

BlackBerry, a leading player in the enterprise mobility management sector, introduced its BES12 EMM solution last week. It supports multiple operating systems and is designed to meet all the requirements of an efficient EMM solution.

BES12 allows you to manage your mobile devices running BlackBerry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. It is built on BlackBerry’s highly trusted global network and lends a new dimension of efficiency and security to enterprise mobility.

Better still, BES12 allows organizations to control all of their mobile devices from a single console. And because of its endpoint permissions model, IT administrators will have strict control of applications, devices, and data more efficiently. BES12 will allow employees to keep their personal information private. It will also ensure that the confidential business data on their personal devices remain uncompromised.

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