BBM Meetings Offers Much More Functionality than Video Calling Application like FaceTime

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BlackBerry unveiled its new enterprise service called BBM Meetings last week. It is aimed at providing improved mobile collaboration facilities at much better value. The service has already created a great deal of interest among enterprise customers and many of them have requested trials.

BBM Meetings offers lots of opportunities for enterprises and the financial community. The service combines mobile first collaboration with better value. The powerful combination of these two features will ensure that BlackBerry’s position is secure in the fast growing mobile collaboration segment. Strategy Analytics estimates that the mobile collaboration space will have 165 million users by 2018 and generate around $4.7 billion in revenue.

This article will explain how BBM Meetings is different from other mobile collaboration solutions.

BBM Meetings is not the first mobile collaboration app available on the market. Several solutions are already available, but BBM Meetings is undoubtedly the best.

BBM Meetings offers more value than desktop solutions like GoToMeeting and Webex. Both of these solutions have been available for quite some time; however, the mobile experience provided by them cannot meet the demands of the busy modern professional on the go. For example, they fall short when it comes to hosting, scheduling or joining a conference from a smartphone.

BBM Meetings, on the other hand, excels in this space. It will ensure that users rushing from one location to another will no longer have to fumble with passcodes and dial-in numbers. Instead, they will receive automated calls from BBM Meetings when the conference is about to start. BBM Meetings also provides other features expected from collaboration apps like desktop support.

The most attractive feature is perhaps the affordability of the service. BBM Meetings costs much less than other collaboration solutions. This allows more employees to access mobile collaboration.

Better than FaceTime

Some uninformed folks have placed BBM Meetings in the same category as Apple’s FaceTime which is merely a consumer video calling app. This comparison is quite misleading.

BBM Meetings

BBM Meetings is a feature-rich online solution that allows up to 25 people on various mobile operating systems to meet and collaborate while they are on the go. FaceTime is merely a video calling app that works between 2 Apple users at one time.

BBM Meetings supports Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS. FaceTime only supports iPad and iPhone. While BBM Meetings supports both Windows and Mac computers, FaceTime supports only Mac computers. In addition, BBM Meetings can be scheduled in advance and placed on Android, BlackBerry or iOS calendar. FaceTime calls, on the other hand, cannot be scheduled. As you can see, BBM Meetings is much better.

No need to use BES

Enterprise customers can start using BBM Meetings even if they do not have BES. Lots of skeptics assume that only existing BlackBerry customers can use BBM Meetings because of the need for BES. But that is far from the truth. BBM Meetings does not require BES. So, its market extends beyond the existing customer base of BlackBerry especially since it also supports Android and iOS. This is also true of other enterprise services like Enterprise Identity and WorkLife from BlackBerry.

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