BBM Channels Help Asian E-tailer Win in Social Commerce

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Mobile and social commerce provides numerous opportunities for businesses. The growing popularity of mobile devices and social media is a hotly debated topic in recent times. BlackBerry is one of the leading players in both areas. The company has already launched several hugely popular smartphones. Also its media services like the BBM Channels provide businesses a great platform to reach potential customers. The hugely popular BlackBerry Messenger has 91 million active users. Brands that can tap into this large pool of users can reap rich benefits.

BlackBerry is a force to reckon with in the mobile commerce space. BBM Channels allow brands and publishers to market their products and content to existing as well as potential customers. The service also enjoys tight integration with social commerce. As a result, businesses can easily set up storefronts and sell their products to customers.

Several popular brands like Garuda Airlines and Coca-Cola already use BBM Channels to reach their customers. However, the Singapore based E-tailer Qoo10 is by far the most successful company on BBM Channels. It is a subsidiary of Giosis which is a joint-venture with eBay. Qoo10 has already established seven localized online stores in Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Customers in Indonesia can also benefit from BBM Money. In the immediate future, BlackBerry hopes to make one-click payments possible for their customers. This will make mobile/social commerce easier.

Right now the BBM Channel of Qoo10 has more than one million followers. In fact, they took less time than other BBM Channels to reach this milestone. For Qoo10, its BBM Channel is a powerful medium to reach its customers. The huge popularity of its BBM Channel also gives the company a social advantage. Since BBM Channels are tightly integrated with BBM, buyers can easily share details about their purchases with their family and friends.

BBM Channels

Social platforms are more effective than retail websites in facilitating communications. We are living in a world where we get bombarded with information on an hourly basis. We also come across numerous product reviews that we don’t quite know whether we can trust. That is why people still rely on the opinions of their close confidants. They will readily buy a product if their friends recommend it. This presents both opportunities and challenges for brands.

Products that get rave reviews on social media sell well. On the other hand, bad social reviews can kill even a good product.

BBM Channels allow brands to have conversations with potential customers. It works on BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10 devices. Brands as well as people can launch their BBM Channels to connect with their followers. They can also follow other BBM Channels to receive regular updates. When you follow a Channel, you will be able to receive insider news from them.

If you are a marketer who isn’t familiar with BBM Channels, you should have a look at them to see if they will help you to expand your customer base. This is a powerful platform that can allow you to have a positive influence on your customers.  Customers can also benefit from BBM Channels. By simply subscribing to the Channels of their favorite brands, they can receive attractive coupons and deals.

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