BlackBerry Classic Gets Reviewed Before Launch

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The BlackBerry Classic is expected to launch in late December or early January. It will have a 3.46 inch touchscreen display and a physical QWERTY keyboard consisting of four rows. The handset will also sport an 8 megapixel rear facing camera. It will run BlackBerry OS 10.3.

A Twitter user has already posted a review of the pre-release version of the device. While it is a simple review, it answers most questions customers are likely to have.  According to the reviewer, the device feels solid in your hands, but it is slightly heavy. You can easily slip it into your pocket. The back cover seems a bit like rubber and provides much better grip than leather.

The Classic does not have a ridiculously large display; however, its 3.46 inch display is adequate for reading emails or browsing the web.

The Classic is a touchscreen device, but one of the most attractive features of this device is that it is not limited to touch input. If you have ever tried clicking on a tiny hyperlink using touch input, you should know how frustrating it can be. Touch input works better with large icons and links. But don’t worry. Users of the Classic will be able to click on tiny hyperlinks using the trackpad. It works just like the mouse on your desktop computer. Also the keyboard is quite responsive. The keys are of decent size, so you are unlikely to miss your laptop or desktop while using this handset to browse the web or read emails.

Use this handset with LTE connection to load webpages faster. You will also be able to play videos in the native YouTube app. Perhaps the only concern you should have is with the quality of video playback. The Classic has a square screen which is not ideal for watching 16:9 videos because they don’t fit on the screen.

Audio quality is good. It is comparable to the Samsung S5. Call quality is equally good. And thanks to the speedy processor, you will not experience any lag while switching between apps or using gestures. The camera is excellent; so is the camera app.

BlackBerry Classic Lots of people are eagerly awaiting the launch of BlackBerry Classic. It is a business class device; however, it has several multimedia features which make it suitable for all users.

Just like other BlackBerry 10 devices, the Classic can run Android apps. The easiest way to install Android apps on this device is through the Amazon App Store. However, it is not the only available option. Savvy BB 10 users can install Snap on their device. This native BB 10 app makes installing Android apps on your BlackBerry device easier. It is basically a front end for the Google Play Store. So downloading Android apps through Snap is not much different than downloading them from the Google Play Store. Also, you don’t have to worry about their quality when you download them through Snap. These apps have all been approved by Google.

The Classic is expected to launch in Singapore, New York and Frankfurt on December 17th. BlackBerry has already started taking pre-orders for the device.

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