Top 5 BlackBerry Apps This Week

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Web Design Cheat Sheet

If you are into website development, this application is a must have for you. Web Design Cheat Sheet is a reference tool, equipped with syntax examples, video tutorials, guides and resources that you can use while creating a website. This tool is perfect for beginners as it comes with an HTML Editor to assess your newly acquired skills. With its real time preview, submit your edits and get results immediately. There’s a Reader Mode, similar to the Reader Mode available on BlackBerry 10, enabling you to read all the information without any distractions.


This app is the official CrackBerry app for the users of Blackberry 10. You get all the information, blog posts, technical support forums, etc on this app. You can create a blog post yourself or leave comments on other people’s posts. You can also enter the on-going contests and win goodies or you can shop for accessories. This app comes with built-in notifications, so if someone replies to your thread, you’ll be notified immediately. In order to stay updated with all the Blackberry events, news and latest offerings, CB10 is a must have for every BB owner.

BlackBerry Travel

This app scans your mails for flight or hotel booking information in order to fill-up a travel itinerary for your trip, automatically.  If there’s a change in your flight schedule, you get notified immediately. You are also notified about cheaper alternatives of hotels and flights for your next trip, as per your itinerary. BlackBerry Travel also offers you additional features to make your trip a comfortable affair. If you are travelling with your colleagues or friends, you can share your itineraries with one another via BBM, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps ever created by the mankind in the history of mobile phones. This cross-platform IM (instant messaging) app gives you features of BBM on other platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. This app comes with activity indicators, thus you get to know when was the last time a user came online and whether that user has received your message or not. You get to use a wide range of emoticons while chatting on WhatsApp along with other features like voice messages, photo/video sharing, etc. Adding people to this app is not a hassle since it automatically identifies WhatsApp users from your contact list. The app is really convenient to use and you don’t have to pay anything during the first two years of its use.


Blaq is the best way to access Twitter on your BlackBerry device. Its main feed includes tabs like – profile, home, lists and mentions. Pull towards left and you’ll be able to access a list of actions to be executed – reply back to a tweet, re-tweet a post, add to your favourites or quote a tweet, etc. The impressive design of this app is its biggest advantage. Once you’ve used Blaq, you’ll not feel like using Twitter on any other platform.

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    Web Design Cheat Sheet If you are into website development, this application is a must have for you. Web Design Cheat Sheet is a reference tool, equip
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