BlackBerry Announced New Identity and Access Solutions

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Another big announcement from BlackBerry Enterprise Summit! The global giant will come up with new identity and access solutions that’ll allow enterprises to embrace Cloud Services more confidently. The solutions, VPN Authentication and Enterprise Identity, will allow users (enterprise employees) to work more productively without compromising cost effectiveness or security.

BlackBerry runs one of the largest identity-management services on a global level in order to support its core services, especially BBM messaging services. Which means the company manages to control more than 200 million identities on a daily basis. Thus, one can conclude that BlackBerry is the world-leader as far as identity management is concerned. Now that this global giant has agreed to share its expertise in the field, world will be able to devise better access solutions and identity management services.

What’s the Future of Cloud Services

More and more enterprises are opting to use cloud based services in order to carry out their daily tasks. A recent study showed that cloud based services will become a market of approximately $130 billion in the next 180 years. Enterprise identity solutions developed by BlackBerry are capable of providing simplified techniques that can be used by organisations to manage cloud based services in a more effective and securer manner. Employees of a particular organisation will be able to access the company data by using a single familiar network, which is trusted by them.

BlackBerry Identity and Access Solutions

VPN Authentication by BlackBerry

This solution will be a completely new platform to securely connect mobile employees of an organisation with one another and with the enterprise itself. Employees will be able to use their Android, iOS or BlackBerry smart-phones to access cloud based services without any PINs or passwords. This will reduce the costs of issuing, managing and using problematic hardware tokens, thus increasing the overall productivity of an organisation. VPN Authentication also eliminates the support required for sync related problems and PIN reset requests, thus reducing costs of maintaining a complicated and expensive IT helpdesk division. This solution can be modified as per an organisation’s policies and needs since it offers tailored authentication methods for different group of users.

The solution will be available for Android and iOS users with BES12 while for BlackBerry users it will be available with BES5 and BES10 as well. The basic cost of this service starts at $3 per user, per month and there are no upfront costs or license costs to be paid.

Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry

This solution offers a single point of control, which means that enterprises will be able to control access to a wide range of services. Enterprise Identity will make things a lot more organised by offering reporting and auditing of the cloud services. Additionally, this solution will provide employees with a single identification sign that can be used to access all kinds of services. Thus, you won’t have to remember different usernames or passwords in order to access different services. Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry will ensure a better user experience and a seamless access to enterprise-specific applications and services. It’s easy to install and easy to access.

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