BlackBerry Partners with Salesforce for Securer Data Management Solutions

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During the BlackBerry Enterprise Summit some remarkable new developments were made. One such development is the collaboration between BlackBerry and Salesforce. BlackBerry will join hands with the leading data management solutions developer (Salesforce) in order to provide its customers with better access to seamless data management. Salesforce will combine its most superior CRM (customer relationship management) platform with BlackBerry’s exceedingly effective EMM (enterprise mobility management) solution, BES12.

Both the companies have realized that more and more regulated industries want access to highly secure enterprise applications and solutions in order to increase productivity in a highly secure enterprise environment. This partnership is focused on developing path-breaking solutions, that’ll allow users to access effective data management without any breaches in security. The collaboration will soon allow users of BlackBerry as well as Salesforce to access an exceedingly secure multi-platform, mobile end-to-end solution.

Need for Better Solutions

According to a recent survey which was done on a global level, more than 58 percent participants agreed that the cases of data infringement, conducted via smart-phones have tremendously increased in the last one year. More than 65 percent respondents agreed that mobile phone applications and solutions which are being used in their organisation for official purposes are the weakest links in their overall security infrastructure. This survey clearly shows that more and more organisations want better security solutions for their data management needs.

BlackBerry’s BES12

BES12 is a cross-platform EMM solution developed by BlackBerry with the aim of effectively managing its devices from a number of enterprise mobile platforms. This security solution forms the very foundation of BlackBerry’s enterprise offerings, which includes enterprise security, communication, productivity and collaboration services. This allows you to connect with your colleagues and share corporate data with one another in a highly close-knit environment.


Vivek Kundra, Executive VP, Salesforce said during the event that this partnership will allow the joint customers of Salesforce and BlackBerry to run their business endeavors from their mobile devices without violating any industry-specific regulations. He also added that BlackBerry offers excellent security and network solutions and when combined with Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform, organisations will be able to connect with their clients via mobile phones in a way, one cannot imagine.

BlackBerry’s Chief Operating Officer, Marty Beard said that they’ve mastered the art of securely managing smart-phones within an organisational set-up and now by joining hands with Salesforce, the company is demonstrating its determination to provide superior data management and network security solutions. He also insisted that this partnership will empower users to be more productive.

All G7 governments currently use BlackBerry’s EMM solutions along with its industry-leading messaging services and security solutions. Some of the largest, most successful global enterprises too utilise BlackBerry’s top-quality networking and security solutions. And now, with its partnership with Salesforce, BlackBerry users can expect even better results in terms of network security and effective data management.

With so many promising collaborations in its kitty, BlackBerry is all set to make its foothold in the telecom industry like never before.

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