Manage Telecom Expenses Effectively with WorkLife by BlackBerry

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In today’s scenario, BlackBerry Balance is one of the most popular applications among users in the corporate sector. The application allows you to maintain two separate identities (one personal and one professional) on a single device. Even though BlackBerry Balance is known for being efficient, it’s not perfect! So now, BlackBerry has introduced a new application called WorkLife for the same purpose. It allows you to add a separate work phone number to your personal device (BYOD) and creates a separate account for work calls, text messages and internet data.

It’s like carrying two devices, fused together for your convenience. With WorkLife, you get separate bills for your separate accounts. All your work calls, SMSes and data can be billed separately from your regular calls, SMSes and data usage. Your work account can be managed by your enterprise (employers) while you just have to pay for your personal usage. The new number (corporate number) added to your device can be removed at any given point of time or can be assigned to a different employee as per yours and your employers’ convenience.

WorkLife by BlackBerry is better than BlackBerry Balance in a number of ways. It not only administers telecom expenses, but allows you to control your company’s assets and protects employee privacy in a very user-friendly manner. Users of iPhone and Android smart phones can also install this application on their devices. WorkLife’s ability to accurately distinguish between personal and work communication makes it a very effective tool that can be conveniently managed by an enterprise. And unlike, most of the partitioning applications, you can expect crystal clear voice and video call quality while using WorkLife.

WorkLife by BlackBerry

Advantages of Using WorkLife

Providing your employees with, a monthly or weekly, pre-decided BYOD stipend can create a number of hassles. If nothing else, you’ll have to spend hours calculating how much data is being used by your employees. WorkLife by BlackBerry simplifies all these problems by organising your telecommunication expenses. Another important advantage of using this application is that it eliminates the need for proxy servers. A proxy server is used to separate work data from personal data. This not only slows down your device but also it requires you to share crucial company information with a third party, which can be a threat to your internal security. Use of proxy servers is also non-recommended since they are not always accurate.

Cost Management While on Roaming

Most of the split-billing solutions currently available in the market do not work accurately while the user is on roaming. That’s when call charges are the highest, aren’t they? Ineffective cost management due to wrongfully attributed roaming charges can cost you a lot of money. WorkLife is capable of providing quality solutions even while you are on national or international roaming.


This application’s ability to work seamlessly on multiple platforms (Android, iOS and BlackBerry), makes it an extremely promising tool for telecommunication cost management. It can also be used with other such applications like BlackBerry Balance, Secure Work Space and BES for better management and cost attribution.

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