Beach Resort Management Comes to Blackberry in Tropical Mania

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Strategy games are ideal to play on the Playbook. Hell, strategy games are great to play on any platform, especially when the game mechanics are fun and engrossing. That being said, it’s no surprise that a game like Tropical Mania is fun to play too.

Tropical Mania For Blackberry

Tropical Mania was just released in Blackberry App World by Ovogame, the same developers who made Smiley’s Pop.

In Tropical Mania, you are the head of a beach resort, and your job is to manage the property and keep all the guests happy! It’s remarkably similar to Smurf Village and Paradise Island, of which the latter has yet to make its way to Blackberry.

Tropical Mania Screenshot

How to Play Tropical Mania

Right from the getgo, it’s relevant to note that Tropical Mania is incredibly repetitive. It’s a fantastic game to play in spurts, and we recommend playing only a couple levels before taking a break. If you play like this, the game won’t actually seem as repetitive, considering you play in different locales each time.

Basically, your time will be spent managing guests and staff along with the occasional build order and structure upgrade. The game calls for you to click the screen on the resort huts and guest icons when something needs to be done. For example, when a visitor is thirsty you must click and drag them to the right resource and then give them a drink. Other tasks you will perform include housekeeping duties, serving drinks and food, and even nursing sick guests back to health.

As you complete objectives, and tend to the guests, a meter is filled a la earning experience. Once the meter fills you are given the opportunity to create new buildings and improve existing ones. Later maps sometimes have fixed layouts, which means the only way to beat the stage is to focus on completing combos for serving guests and other activities.

During playing you can also collect various power-ups that augment gameplay and do things like speed up construction or add more experience to the meter.

For each level the counter, or “chrono” counts up, essentially timing how long it takes for you to complete the level. The faster you beat any particular level means a much higher score.

Tropical Mania Additional Features

  • There are 30 re-playable levels.
  • Plenty of awesome artwork.
  • Frenetic management game-play.
  • There are even dinosaurs!!!

We haven’t come across any dinosaurs yet, so maybe you can clue us in as to what role they serve in the game! Just let us know in the comments below!

You can buy Tropical Mania in Blackberry App World now for $1.99. Currently, Tropical Mania only works with the All Touch, Dev Alpha devices and the Playbook. The excellent news is that when Blackberry 10 arrives, and you get your hands on a new BB10 device you will be able to play it!