Forgotten Tales RPG Offers Old-School Hack & Slash Action For Blackberry

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Blackberry App World is not exactly known for its abundance of RPGs. Despite being one of the best game genres in existence, and in turn being one of the easiest game types to play on a mobile device, there aren’t many available for Blackberry.

This is particularly unfortunate, especially considering how much I love RPGs. I can’t imagine how splendid it would be to sit down, relax, and start up an enjoyable game on my Playbook. The Ultima series comes to mind when I think of classic titles, right along with Baldur’s Gate.

One such game recently became available in Blackberry App World, on November 14 to be exact. The game is called Forgotten Tales RPG, and it’s a throwback to the classics.

Forgotten Tales RPG

Forgotten Tales RPG Screenshots

Right away you’ll see the graphics are in line with the classic Ultima series, and Forgotten Tales plays a lot like them too. You tap the screen to move around, and when you get near enemies your avatar will enter an auto-attack mode. As you can see, the movement and gameplay mechanics are fairly straightforward.

Tales follow the same tried and true RPG formula, but that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. There are no in-depth customization options, and that’s the games biggest flaw, but maybe that’s a feature best saved for the second title in the series?

Despite the lack of customization options, there is still an tremendous sense of progression, and that’s what RPGs are all about. As you complete quests and slay wild beasts in copious amounts, you also gain experience thus leveling up your character. There are three attributes to level up, Strength, Armor, and Dexterity. With each level, you earn points to raise these attributes.

Along your journey, you will collect various weapons, new spells, and plenty of consumables which will either make you stronger, or help you live longer.

The Story or Lack Thereof

Forgotten Tales Inventory There is no storyline to Forgotten Tales. In fact, the game just plops you right into the middle of the action. Your first mission is to talk to a forester who then asks you to kill a bunch of wolves. From there, it’s off you go!

There’s no narrative, and that means there is certainly no character development. Don’t expect a rich and engaging game, because that is not what Forgotten Tales is. In every sense of the phrase, Forgotten Tales is an extremely accessible, time passer. It’s incredibly fun to play while you’re waiting around in public for the tram, or for your appointment to come around.

It’s not fast paced either, and it takes a little bit of time to play this game because the avatar walks so slowly. There is a button to increase movement speed, but it’s not much faster than the standard speed. Also, you’ll die often so make excellent use of the save game feature because you’ll need it.

In Forgotten Tales perma-death is guaranteed, which means once you die that’s it, there is no respawning. After you die, you either have to load a saved game or start a new one. This also makes the game incredibly challenging, and adds a bit of warranted stress as you play.

Forgotten Tales is Available Now

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the game is thoroughly engrossing but for a mobile title it’s just what I’m looking for in an RPG. Everything I’ve come to know and love in the RPG genre makes an appearance here. If you love RPGs like I do, then Forgotten Tales certainly won’t disappoint.

As always, you can pick up Forgotten Tales in Blackberry App World for $2.99. If you want to cheat, and you have a Playbook running OS 2.0 or later, you can also find Forgotten Tales in the Google Play store for free. Of course, it’s free because it’s an ad supported version.

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