Try Your Hand at The Lightning-Fast Game ‘Switch’ For The Blackberry Playbook

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The Christmas holiday is over, well most of it anyways, and we’re all gearing up for the new year. Not long after 2013 arrives, will be the launch of Blackberry 10. It marks a brand new era for the Blackberry platform, concerning not only devices but software, as well.

Blackberry App World has been flooded with an endless stream of apps, all optimized for the BB10 platform and sitting there waiting for you to get your hands on them. Over the past few months, mainly due to the platforms ease of use in porting apps, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the amount of available apps.

It’s not just the number of apps that have been affected though, we’ve also seen an increase in games. Games just like the one we’re about to promote.

Today, we’re introducing Switch for the Blackberry Playbook. It’s a cheap, fast-paced game packed with stunning visuals.

Try Your Hand at The Lightning-Fast Game 'Switch' For The Blackberry Playbook

Switch For The Blackberry Playbook

Switch is a brilliant racing game that has you dodging obstacles at breakneck speeds. If you’ve ever played Audiosurf before, then you have a basic understanding of how Switch plays.

Switch is an insanely addictive fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and high quality sound coupled with white-knuckle ride gameplay.

Welcome to one of the fastest gaming experiences on Blackberry devices, Switch sets you against obstacles and opponents as you weave your way through space and time. Your goal is to travel as far as possible avoiding the energy beams that will destroy your ship, time your switches correctly to also avoid the enemy ships and collect power ups.

If you need some help collect the shield power-ups that will let you smash through your opponents and achieve top scores.

What is Switch?

Basically, you race along a track while simultaneously dodging obstacles and other racers. The point is to make it as far as possible before crashing, thus racking up as many points as you possibly can.

Switch - Dodging Obstacles The game itself is incredibly straightforward, yet extremely tough. If you find that the normal game speed isn’t enough, you can increase the speed through an alternate difficulty setting.

As the official description of the game implies, you can also acquire a single power-up that renders you invincible for a select period of time. While invincibility is active, you cannot crash into any obstacles or alternate racers, which means you’re totally free to navigate the track.

The visuals are stunning, but the best part about Switch is that they don’t slow the game down at all. The controls are responsive and smooth, which is a necessity with fast games like this. If you experience lag or slowdown when trying to avoid obstacles you wouldn’t get real far. Yet, Switch suffers from exactly no slowdown or lag.

The added real estate of the Blackberry Playbook truly allows Switch to shine too. The graphics look fantastic, even at the highest speeds.

Get Switch For Your Blackberry Playbook Now

Switch - Regular Track

If you’d like to give Switch a try, you can find it in Blackberry App World here. If you’re worried about the cost, well… Don’t because it’s only $0.99. Even if, your wallet took a significant hit during the holiday, you should be able to scrounge up a dollar.

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