Night Ports Helps you Plug Your Blackberry 10 into the Charger While It’s Dark

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We’ve all had those moments, where you fumble around in the dark for minutes trying to find the charging port on your device just so you can plug in the power adapter and get some more juice. It happens to the best of us even if we don’t want to admit it. I cringe every time it happens because I don’t want to scratch up the side of my beautiful Z10, but that happens too.

Thanks to a delightful and totally free app from Blackberry World, now I can find all my ports even when it’s pitch black in my room. The app is called Night Ports, and it’s incredibly simple yet extremely useful. In fact, I’m amazed at just how useful something like this can be. All it chiefly does is show icons on your screen in the dark to show you where the necessary ports are located. Simple, but brilliant!

Night Ports on Z10 Night Ports on Z10 from Top

As you can see from the images, the indicators point directly to various ports and buttons on the device to help you find their location in the dark. There are indicators for the volume rockers, power and standby button, 3.5mm headphone jack, charging port and of course the mini HDMI port. If you want a better example of what the app displays on your screen then checkout the full screenshot below.

Night Ports for Blackberry 10 Screenshot

Of course, the app also includes the current date and time, as well as a battery life indicator. These additional indicators are pretty much surplus, and you don’t genuinely need them, but they are convenient nonetheless.

The whole point of this app actually is convenience really. Hit up the widget below if you want to check out the app for yourself. It’s totally free and there are no advertisements to worry about- which is certainly a good thing. Most free applications get bogged down by pop-up advertisements or in app purchases. Night Ports is a relatively simple and efficient application to beef up functionality of your Blackberry 10 device.

Get it at Blackberry App World

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