Neon Blitz for Blackberry- a Stylish Puzzle and Drawing Game

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Blackberry 10 is starting to see the release of a lot of games and content, and this is good news for everyone. Unfortunately, it can get difficult trying to pick out the cream of the crop. That’s why we’re here, to help you pick out which games and apps are worth your time and hard earned money.

This next title is a fantastic puzzle game for the Blackberry Z10, which offers a great way to kill some extra time. It’s called Neon Blitz, and rightfully so because a lot of the game is set on a simple black backdrop with flashing neon lights in the foreground. Man are they attractive, though.

Neon Blitz

There’s no story or advanced gameplay mechanics. In fact, the premise is quite simple you just use stars to draw lines and shapes in a specific amount of time. The stars basically act as your pencil or pen, and you must drag them using connect-the-dots style methods to draw various shapes, images and pictures.

The real kicker is that you only have 60 seconds to complete as many drawings as you possibly can. After the 60 second timer reaches its peak you are then given a total score. The idea is to get as high a score as possible, before moving on. As you progress, you feel the urge to continuously try harder to increase those scores, especially since you can compare them with other Blackberry users.

Interestingly enough, the game also includes Scoreloop support so that you can compare scores with friends through Blackberry Games. It’s like a persistent online leaderboard, if you don’t already know what that is. You can set personal goals to compete against others who have higher scores and points.

Neon Blitz over 800 levels

Neon Blitz is very colorful, and the visuals are quite astounding. It’s easy to get caught up in them, which is where the game’s difficulty comes into play. Of course, that’s beside the fact that you can get easily flustered when trying to vigorously draw one of the images on the screen in the time allotted.

The earlier levels are easy, but the later levels in the game actually get pretty hairy. You are tasked with drawing, or tracing more complex shapes and images in order to progress.

  • Super simple addictive gameplay with over 800 levels
  • Get the highest score possible in a minute
  • Unlock constantly updated biweekly contests and challenges
  • Collect boosts and power ups to max out your score
  • Challenge your friends via Scoreloop
  • Check your standing in the global ranking

The app is also available for Android, but the Android version requires you to sign-in to a Facebook account in order to play. The Blackberry version, on the other hand, does not require a social account.

Neon Blitz is available now in Blackberry World for just $0.75. It’s certainly worth the price, and it doesn’t break the bank at all. Pick up Neon Blitz to help you kill some of that time you spend waiting for transportation, or something similar to happen.

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