Move Over Snapchat, There’s a New App Called Secret Pictures in Town

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You’ve probably heard of Snapchat by now, right? Well, if you haven’t it’s a simple little picture messaging application with a twist. Users send pictures to one another that expire seconds after sending. It’s a genius idea really, as the images are not stored by anyone nor are they stored on a server anywhere. You can send a silly picture to a friend, or you can send a risqué picture to your significant other, without the fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

Well, Snapchat hasn’t come to Blackberry 10 yet, but I can raise you one better. Secret Pictures is an application designed specifically for Blackberry 10 devices, and you can find it in Blackberry World right now, for just $1.99.

So, what exactly is Secret Pictures you ask?

Secret Pictures silly photo

Instead of sending images through standard text messaging, or an unsecure network for that matter, you send images through Blackberry Messenger. It’s brilliant really, especially since everyone with a Blackberry 10 device likely uses Blackberry Messenger to chat with friends. Even better is the fact that Blackberry Messenger will soon be universal, as it’s going to arrive on Android and iOS soon.

Anyway, Secret Pictures allows you to send images through Blackberry Messenger which expire after a certain period of time, just like what happens in Snapchat. You choose a picture to send, select an expiration period, and then send the picture. The app handles everything else. As soon as the recipient opens the image to take a peek, the timer begins counting down. Once the timer has finished, the picture will disappear.

Of course, not to say that Blackberry Messenger wasn’t already more secure, but this app definitely adds an extra layer of security for images that you don’t want circulating in the wild. It can be any type of image really, not just dirty ones –and I know some of you are thinking that way.

Secret Pictures (original name, right) also includes the following features:

  • Securely send pictures without letting them save
  • Encrypted for you protection
  • Screen shots are disabled
  • Pictures will self destruct if sent to other people that it was not intended for
  • Add captions to pictures
  • Pinch to zoom and and out of pictures when viewing
  • Take a picture with the camera from right within the app

Secret Pictures incoming    Secret Pictures message

In order to use the application you will need a device running Blackberry 10 version 10.1.0 or higher, and that also includes whoever you are sending images to. If the person you want to send the images to does not has Secret Pictures then they will not receive the image properly. To reiterate both parties –the sender and the recipient- need to have the application installed on their devices.

There is a free version of the app available in Blackberry World, but you can only receive secret messages and images in it. In order to send messages you’ll need to purchase the premium version. This is great news for anyone that owns the app, and has a friend who doesn’t want to spend the money. They can download the free version and still look at the images you send through BBM.

Secret Pictures free version

What are you waiting for get out there and Snapch… I mean Secret Picture your friends!

After you use the app let us know what you think of it in the comments below. Have you used it before? Feel free to participate in any way, as we encourage community interaction here at Blackberry Rocks!

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