You Can Bowl On Your Device with Rocka Bowling for BB10

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Do you like bowling? Do you like your Blackberry Z10? Do you like playing games? How about playing a bowling game on your Blackberry Z10- or Q10 if you have one? Rock Bowling is the answer, a bowling game specifically designed for all Blackberry 10 devices.

Sure, there are other bowling games available in Blackberry World, but trust me when I say that this is one of the best. Of course, premium comes with a price and that price is $1.99. Not too shabby when you consider the fact that it’s worth the cost of a single latte at your local coffee shop.

So, what is Rocka Bowling? Well, it’s just like any other bowling game really with one simple catch, you earn coins while playing which can be used to upgrade various game elements in the in-game shop. You can upgrade things like bowling balls, pins and even bowling lanes each with custom visuals and mechanics.

Playing the game is pretty damn easy too. You swipe your finger backwards on the screen and then quickly swipe forward. The ball will obviously follow your motions and hurtle down the lane.

You can also play hotseat multiplayer with up to five friends, which means you can all bowl using the same device. Although, it irks me something awful when I have to hand someone else my device and watch their greasy fingers rub and paw all over the screen.

Since Rocka Bowling is a native Blackberry 10 app it has Scoreloop support, so you can compare scores and track your progress through the Blackberry Games app. Personally, I love when an app includes support for Blackberry Games, because I love comparing scores and watching leaderboards.

The visuals in Rocka Bowling are fantastic, and so are the sound effects and soundtracks. Sometimes audio cues have a tendency to pull you out of the immersion, but with this game it really feels like you’re bowling at a lane. This game is powered by the Unity engine, which means the mechanics and physics will look realistic.

Of course, the game also includes the following features:

  • Simple, precise controls: fun and easy to learn!
  • Amazing 3D visuals and sound!
  • Realistic 3D physics allow skillful players to do hook throws!
  • Up to 6 players LOCAL MULTIPLAYER: Play with your friends on a single device!
  • Win COINS for every point you SCORE and use them to buy PREMIUM ITEMS at the Rocka Bowling Store, including bowling alleys , bowling pins and bowling balls!
  • Top background music!
  • Scoreloop leader boards!

Like I said above, Rocka Bowling is $1.99 in Blackberry World and it’s well worth the cost, especially if you love bowling. Pick it up and you could be knocking down those pins from the comfort of your office chair.

Have you played Rocka Bowling before? Have you picked up the game because you saw it here? What do you think of it? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions for everyone else in the comments below! Hit up the Blackberry World widget below to download the game.

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