Hunt Giant Beasts in Dinosaur Assassin Pro for Blackberry 10

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Have you ever played the Monster Hunter games? Personally, I think they’re pretty amazing because they offer endless amount of fun. There are so many missions, upgrades to acquire and monsters to hunt that it’s ridiculous. While we don’t exactly have a Monster Hunter title available for Blackberry 10, we have something that’s a bit similar. It’s called Dinosaur Assassin Pro.

Also available on Android, you take control of an ancient assassin who’s hired to explore and hunt wild animals on a mysterious island. Armed with a whole slew of weapons, vehicles and med kits you set off into the world to take down some of the largest beasts- including dinosaurs! No really, in this game you can hunt dinos like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s crazy! It’s also a lot of fun too.

Some of the game features include the following:

  • Motorbike/Gun. Get on/off motorbike anytime/anywhere.
  • Jeep with Power Zoom Rifle.
  • Horse that’s your faithful friend.
  • Proximity Mines/Gas Canisters.
  • Mirror Portal – Use to teleport out of danger.
  • Zip Line Fast Escape.
  • Huge open 3D Environment to roam and explore.
  • On the island :- Jurassic predator land, sandy Beaches, safari lakes, ice age area.
  • HD console-quality graphics and gameplay.
  • Fuel/Gun Clips/Medi Kits pickups.
  • 3D Dinosaurs/Animals include : TRex, Spinosuarus, Raptors, Triceratops, Velociraptors, Euoplocephalus, Pterodactyl, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolohus. Brontosaurus, Sarcosuchus, Sabertooth Tiger, Mammoth, Dire Wolf, Short faced Bear, Wooly Rhino, Megaloceros, Scarabs, Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, Lioness, Reedbuck, Flamingo, Lemur, Bee’s, Zebra, Crocodile, Wildebeest, Doedicurus and Dunkleosteus.
  • Unlimited Quests to complete.
  • Map/Radar to locate and track Dinosaurs/Animals.
  • Stunning Deep Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds.
  • Full 3D – 360 Degrees Action.

This is certainly not a game that you’re going to pick up and play quickly, you’ll want to really spend some time with it. The controls include a virtual joystick located on the bottom left of the display, and a gun tab on the bottom right which allows you to perform various actions. You can also swipe in several different gestures to rotate the view around your character.

You can pull up the island map at any time to figure out where you are or where you might want to go. It is also from that menu that you can call upon one of the many different vehicles you have at your disposal. The jeep is perhaps the most fun, and it even includes a long range rifle attached to it for hairy situations.

Dinosaur Assassin Pro is definitely not as action packed or fast paced as the Monster Hunter series, and there are no armor upgrades or weapons to craft, but it’s still a lot of fun. It actually reminds me of the the “Carnivores” title for PSP and other platforms.

Dinosaur Assassin Pro is available for BB10 devices in Blackberry World for $2.99. While that price is admittedly a little high for a mobile game, I assure you that this title is worth the price. I reviewed the game on a Blackberry Z10 and it worked flawlessly.

Please feel free to share any thoughts or opinions in the comments below! As always hit up the Blackberry World widget below to navigate to the appropriate store page.

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