Is BlackBerry Messenger Coming to Desktop?

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Word is that BlackBerry Messenger for desktop is coming. We have been hearing about BlackBerry Messenger going cross-platform for some time. The application already supports iOS and Android. Recently BlackBerry also added support for devices running the Windows Phone OS. But to be truly ‘cross-platform’ it has to support many more platforms. BlackBerry Messenger for desktop computers is still not available, but it looks like BlackBerry is working on it. Although there is no official confirmation, we have got several reasons to believe that BlackBerry is working on a desktop version of its famed messaging app.

For quite some time, users have been demanding a desktop version of the BB Messenger. In the past, some third party software solutions did bring the Messenger to the desktop. However, most of these solutions failed to take off probably because they were built by third party developers. So when the operating system changed, they couldn’t keep pace and eventually lost support. What if the solution was built by BlackBerry themselves? In that case, it will certainly receive more maintenance because BlackBerry will be in total control.

It is widely speculated that BlackBerry has a desktop version of BBM somewhat working internally but we don’t know whether that is true. The new rumors seem to suggest that BB 10.2 OS will bring BlackBerry Messenger and SMS/MMS to desktop computers. This feature was somewhat overlooked in the BB 10.2 leaks. However, some new applications appearing in the leaked OS seem to suggest that BlackBerry is certainly working on it.

This is what we know about the BlackBerry Messenger / MMS / SMS Solution for the desktop. We don’t know how it will work, but we have got this feeling that it will need a USB connection to ‘mirror’ the content to your computer and make it possible for you to communicate with your contacts that way. The previous solutions, too, have been more or less like this.

If you go through the OS files, you will find some obvious stuff like references to PIM data, SMS, a messaging icon and some vague layouts of the User Interface. Having said that, you have to take these rumors with a pinch of salt until you hear it straight from BlackBerry. Still, the thought of having BBM on our desktop computers is exciting.

BBM Desktop

In our opinion, BlackBerry should have made its Messenger available on desktop computers years ago. If it becomes available for desktop computers it will be a boon for people who work on their desktop for hours on end.

In March BlackBerry CEO John Chen had said that BlackBerry was certainly taking a ‘serious look’ at bringing its famed messenger to the desktop. If BlackBerry Messenger becomes available on desktop computers, users will be able to start group chats on their desktop and then go mobile without missing anything.

BBM has more than 85 million users. It is the still the most popular and most secure mobile messaging service. However, in recent times, it is facing stiff competition from the likes of WhatsApp mainly because BlackBerry has been reluctant to open the app for other platforms.

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