Leading Magazine Honors BlackBerry 10.2 OS with the ‘World’s Best Mobile OS’ Title

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Digit magazine, which is the largest selling technology magazine in India has labelled BlackBerry 10.2 operating system as the best mobile operating system in the world. The recognition came at the time when the BlackBerry is getting ready to launch an updated version of the OS. The magazine pitted BB 10.2 OS against other mobile operating systems like iOS 7.1.2, Android 4.4 and Windows Phone 8.1. This is not the only recognition BlackBerry earned in August. Last month, BlackBerry Z30 won Gold in the ‘Best in Biz’ awards.

The Digit magazine rated the operating systems on several criteria. Users often assume that they are well-versed in their preferred operating systems. However, there are several features that they have never used or heard of.

In its review Digit took an impartial look at all operating systems. Smartphone operating systems now boast of thousands of features and settings. Digit created a list of these settings and features and then organized them into separate categories. They then rated the operating systems on the basis of their performance in each of these categories. Finally, they totaled the scores. BlackBerry dominated the score sheet in several key areas.


The Digit review claims that when it comes to email, a BB10 device is 60% better than a device powered by Android. The BlackBerry Z30 which runs BB 10.2 OS got a commendable score of 83.2 percent. Android and iOS got 53.07% and 46.6% respectively. It is evident that BlackBerry is designed with email in mind.


BB10 devices can outshine iOS and Windows Phone in their photography skills. The magazine went to the extent of claiming that other operating systems were ‘a poor match for BlackBerry’.

Calling and Contacts Management

In this department, too, BlackBerry stole the show. The magazine attributes this performance to the excellent contact management capabilities of the BlackBerry.


So you thought Google was the master of online search. It probably is, but on your phone, BlackBerry can beat Google. The OS scored a whopping 85.3% for its search skills. Google’s Android received only 35%.


Just like photography, videos too have become an integral part of our existence. That is why the ability to watch, share and record videos has become quite important now. BlackBerry devices come bundled with quite a bit of editing capability and that probably explains why BlackBerry beats other operating systems in this category too.


Digit’s Executive Editor Robert Sovereign-Smith said that this was the most comprehensive review they had ever done. He added that BlackBerry 10.2 OS deserves this title more than any other OS.

BlackBerry is getting ready to launch the latest version of its mobile OS 10.3. This update will include several notable improvements. For example, it will offer a new and improved user interface with better graphics and icons, a redesigned BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Assistant. BlackBerry claims that its Assistant which will come with BlackBerry Passport is going to be better than Siri in all respects. The calendar, camera and notification systems, too, have seen major improvements. In addition, the new OS will have the Amazon Appstore pre-installed on it.

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