Sportrate Workout Makes your BB 10 Device an Exercise Tool

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You will find plenty of sports tracking apps in BlackBerry World but most of them are for long distance events like cycling or running. For those of you who are into sit ups or pushups, there is another app – the Sportrate Workout. The developers of Sportrate already have a hugely popular fitness tracking app and it is good to see them launch yet another fitness app.

When you launch Sportrate Workout for the first time, it will ask you to enter information such as your age, height and weight. The app also provides information about how to use it. It is quite helpful.

Using this app, you can count reps for 4 types of workouts – squats, sit ups, planks and push ups. It makes use of the motion sensors on your BB 10 device to do this. Before starting your workout, you should select the kind of workout you are going to do. You will also need to place the phone at a particular place depending upon the kind of workout you are doing. If you don’t place the phone strategically, the app won’t be able to count your reps. In addition to the exercise type, you should choose a mode. The default is Sportrate Progress Mode. The other available mode is Free Workout.

Start when you have set everything. Tap the ‘Start’ icon and then start your reps. For each rep you will hear some audio feedback. This is a useful feature. Tap ‘Stop’ when you are done with the reps. This will save your workout automatically. The app will show how many calories you have burned. In the ‘Summary’ tab, you will be able to see all of your workouts.

Sportrate workout will also allow you to set calendar reminders. However, you cannot set this manually.

The app works perfectly all right if you are doing sits ups or push ups. It will count your reps but when you do squats, it has trouble recognizing your moves. You will, however, notice that the number of calories burnt increases. In the case of planks, it is hit or miss. Even the slightest movement can affect the timer. However, you should be able to get around this issue by doing your planks more carefully.

Sportrate Workout

Sportrate Workout is compatible with all BB 10 devices.


  • The best thing about this app is that it will count your reps automatically when you do sit ups or push ups.
  • You can review your progress through charts.


  • It doesn’t count squats accurately.
  • The sensor is highly sensitive when you do planks.


The bottom line

Sportrate workout is a great app. The reminder is certainly a nice feature. All that the app needs is a little refinement. The developers should also consider adding support for more exercises. If you aren’t bothered about your squats not getting counted, you have no reason not to pick up this app. Sportrate has already launched a Fitness Tracker app and they keep improving it with regular updates. We hope that this new app, too, will receive regular updates.

Sportrate Workout works on all BB 10 devices. It is not a free app. It runs $1.99.

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